Interesting: Warren Buffett says learn from Jay-Z

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    Warren Buffett on Jay-Z: Learn from him
    You might think that music mogul Jay-Z and legendary investor Warren Buffett have nothing in common, much less anything to talk about, but it turns out that's not true. Forbes orchestrated a meeting between the two men as part of the first Forbes 400 Summit, and exposed the secrets to their very different rises to success.
    Sitting down with Steve Forbes in Buffett’s hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, the rapper with more No. 1 albums than Elvis and the business brains behind Berkshire Hathaway shared some eye-opening tales, including Jay-Z's request to buy his last album back from his old label, Def Jam.
    Jay-Z revealed that his last album, “The Blueprint 3,” which included the multi-platinum single “Empire State of Mind,” wasn’t originally set for release on his current Roc Nation imprint.

    “The year I went over to create Roc Nation with Live Nation, I still had one album left to make with Def Jam. L.A. Reid, the chairman of Def Jam at the time, did a great thing for me. He allowed me to walk in and have the conversation with [chairman of parent company Universal Music Group] Doug Morris,” Jay said.
    “I had to walk into Doug’s office the next day and buy an album back that might leak the next day…But it was worth it, you know. I was heading in a different direction and needed that freedom. It was a great decision for the company. They got some money. And a great decision for me.”
    At 80-years-old, Buffett is exactly twice the age of Jay-Z, but their generation gap is dwarfed by their mutual respect for each other’s drive. In fact, Buffett says that the younger crowd should take cues from Beyonce’s hubby.
    “Jay is teaching in a lot bigger classroom than I’ll ever teach in,” Buffett said. “They’re going to learn from somebody. For a young person growing up he’s the guy to learn from.”
    You can check out the full interview here and the video session here.
  2. Warren Buffet is "that dude"! I love it when people from different generations look at us younger ones and not see us as slackers. We learn from our elders and hopefully they can learn from us.
  3. DH LOVES him some Warren Buffet!
  4. I love Warren Buffet. I love that for such a wealthy man, he lives a simple life. He brown bags his lunch, lives in the same house he's lived in forever, doesn't drive an extravagant car etc.
  5. I think this Warren is wonderful person and when he talks Finance, people listen. I love that he does not flaunt his wealth and he makes his children realize the value of money...
  6. he also makes finance easy to understand. I appreciate that, because if you try to learn about it from CNN, MSNBC, etc., it can get really confusing.
  7. *snickers*

    now i remember who he is.

    Yay to Warren Buffet eager to teach us youngsters. Love that he brown bags his lunch(he is probably very healthy)!
  8. :ps:

    Couldn't agree with you more.
  9. I'm glad Buffet realizes that.

    Well said! He set a great example.