Interesting VIP gift pictures

  1. I got all pics from eBay

    1. letter opener
    2. coaster
    3. speedy keychain
    4. dominos set
    5. alma keychain
    4a_12.jpg 14_1.jpg 27_1_b.jpg 38_12.jpg 67_1.jpg
  2. OMG..I love them all especially this alma:

  3. Alma keychain is really adorable :love:
  4. ^^That is adorable!
  5. love the dominoes.
  6. 6. scented candles
    7. crystal paper weight
    8. travel incense set
    9. wine stopper
    10. playing cards
    75_1_b.jpg 64_1.jpg 01569.jpg 082006979_001.jpg 1117968920157_Picture_1663.jpg
  7. This alma keychain was sold at $800 :nuts:
  8. Wow, I love them all..!!! :P
  9. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  10. I have a letter opener. Does anyone know what thats worth?
  11. 11-12. paper weight
    13. card holder
    14. speedy keychain
    15. travel set

    Please feel free to add more pic ;)
    b5_12.jpg ec_12.jpg VUITTON-CARDS-HOLDER-CHAMPS-2006-3.jpg VUITTON-VALISE-COWHIDE-14.jpg 1145683772718_P5110127.jpg
  12. One was sold at $160.05
  13. Where did you find that letter opener? Love it
  14. Thanks suweena!;)
  15. I am loving the alma keychain!
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