Interesting tidbits from my SA

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  1. Went in to pick up my reserved items today.... the bottled green large flap Bleecker and the SA told me that she loved this bag and was very jealous. I asked her why she didn't get one for herself and she told me that the SAs have to wait 30 days before they can buy the new items. That's why she is praying that they will still have the items she wants when it's time for her to buy. She told me all the SAs were counting down the 30 days. I thought that was interesting!

    Also, my SA told me that the new floorset will be the day AFTER Christmas. A lot of khakis and whites too! :woohoo:
  2. yeah its something about letting the customers get first shot at buying new stuff
  3. Wow, that's interesting. It makes sense though.
  4. SAs have to wait 30 days before buying an item in the store. They can order it from JAX, you just have to pay the shipping charge. She should be able to buy anything from the bleecker collection now, the floorset was Sept. 23 so the 30 days has passed.

    It is really frustrating to see the stuff in the store and not be able to buy it there! I like immediate gratification and hate waiting on stuff to ship!!
  5. poor SA's!! I would hate to not be able to purchase something i want right away!
  6. What a tease!! I think I would leave from work bitter.... lol
  7. Oooh I love that Bleecker flap in the green! Pics! Pics!
  8. Ya... pics, pics!!! :biggrin:
  9. OOOOOH......PLEASE post some modelling pics so we can drool!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  10. I know!!! I had no intentions of buying it until I saw how beautiful and unusua the green was. :love:

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  11. Any chance you can post some modelling pics so we can see the drop length??? PRETTY PLEASE?????!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Gorgeous - I just love the leather on that bag! It is so soft and lovely-feeling to the touch.


    (Mommyville, I think LizCordova modeled the laced flap which has the same strap drop, if you can find her post. I tried this bag on myself over the weekend, and even though it is longer than I generally choose, it was not as super-long as I had thought from the website pics.)
  13. I just bought it too...but in wine...I had the hardest time deciding on which color to get, they were all so beautiful. (British tan, coal, ink, wine, bottle green) :shrugs:
    P.S. I was going to get the medium size one, but it is REALLY small.
  14. Mommyville, I am only 5 ft. tall and it hits me right at my hip. There are 3 loop holes and mine is on the middle one. It's the perfect length and size for me. It's really roomy!

    Crazy4coachbags, I would have never thought that I would buy a green bag but after seeing it on display at the stores plus all the SAs were modeling it, it was an immediate love at first site. :heart:
  15. I'm waffling between the wine, ink, and green (well at least today, who knows about tomorrow :lol:)