interesting thing.. but may be dumb thing to do....

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  1. I love my mono speedy 25 so much and I'm afraid of another price increase.

    And.. i know that in several years, I will wear out my speedy.

    So.... I'm thinking about getting another speedy and just storing it in the dark and letting it out once in awhile to breathe.

    But basically I want to get it because in say... in 20 years.. the speedy will cost like over $1000.

    So it will be an investment to use for the future.

    What do you think? Is this just dumb?

    And... I'm only 5 feet 1.5 inches tall. Should I get another speedy in size 30 or just stick w/ my 25?

    And I'm getting a damier print in 25. So I just need a replacement for the 25.
  2. I use to do things like that... My first speedy was $195. that was 25 years ago... What happens when you want something different it would not be an investment anymore... Maybe you should save your money for something that comes along... Or you could do just that buy another speedy... JMO:flowers:
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  4. if you guys think about it, $195 20 years ago is not $195 now. It all comes with economic activity and inflation. I'm sure when your speedy needs to be retired down the road (it may never even be retired, and that "spare bag" would have been a waste or a banquet for moths) the price will not be so bad compared to the price of food ;)
  5. :yes: :yes: :yes: and it was in excellent condition with still a very light honey patina..
  6. :wtf: oh my lord 195$. That seems to cheap to us now but like others have said, 20 years ago that was like 1000$ to us now.
  7. :yes: hehe... Best investment than all my other bags that have long been abandoned!
  8. what I say, get a man, have a (or a couple) baby, then raise him/her, let him/her buy the Speedy for you 20 years later...
  9. Oh Wow! $195. Unbelievable:smile:
  10. That's why I say don't let the price increase deter you from your favorite passion... :flowers:

    Going 30+ with LV... Still :heart: :heart: :heart: it today!
  11. I've thought about it...but I think over time I will find other LV's that I am in love with.
  12. These bags will last many years, so I don't think you will wear it out unless you use it every single day for 10 years straight!!! Be happy with what you have and if you want to get a different size, then you should but don't get it because you think you're going to wear out the other one or because of the price increase. JMO.... :smile:
  13. Speedy mono will cost us around $ 1000 in 5-6 years not 20 years if LV keep increasing their price 3 times in one year..

    Enjoy the bag you have now..
  14. I was about to say the same thing. :roflmfao: I say, but it if you really think you'll need another.
  15. nah...I don't do things like that, cuz think about it: you buy thinking that you're saving money, however, don't forget about inflation and that in 5-10-20 years, your salary will also increase. Everything is still somewhat proportional in my opinion I mean... back 50 years ago, candies were a few cents, and now it's 2$... kinda reasonable. If I don't have money (cash) available to me at the moment, I don't buy anything and neither will I save just to buy a bag. Money comes and goes.