Interesting tassels

  1. Hi all,

    My Cornflower Twiggy was my first Balenciaga and I have had it for a few weeks and noticed that the colours of the leather stitched onto the front (noticibly the bottom front left patch with buckle and the front section the handle attaches to), were a different colour. Bugged me, so my super SA at Saks let me exchange it.

    The new one has interesting tassles that may tell a story. I have uploaded pictures and the pictures are of the tassels - the middle portion attached to the ring, as well as the end portion. The difference in the leather is amazing. I hope the pictures can tell what is evident to the eye, it's dreary and rainy here today, or I would have taken pictures outside, sorry if they are a little dark. The leather in the middle (folded over and attached to the ring) is not veined, no marbeling, and is thick and smooshy, the leather on the ends is very veiny, marbled and is very thin : ) This is from the same piece of hide as it is one continuous piece, so it seems that some form of treatment to make the bag veiny is responsible for the "thinning" of the leather. Perhaps that is why people have been having luck with the Lubriderm/ Apple Care method - the rubbing and twisting works off the treatment and so it reverts to the thick leather once the treatment is removed?

    Interesting, no?

    I wish you well,

    tassels 01.jpg tassels 02.jpg tassels 03.jpg tassels 04.jpg tassels 05.jpg
  2. Yes, this is exactly what I meant with my Ink Purse. I said it had a sort of iridescent glaze / varnish. I think this finish also gives the leather its marbled aspect.
    And I tend to agree that Lubriderm helps moisturising this glaze and make it more matte, but i still think the leather itself issometimes particularly thin on 2006 bags?

    Overall, I agree with your conclusions, dear Watson! ;)
  3. That *is* interesting, bridget! That explains why all the twisting and massaging has had such amazing thickening results! So, ladies with the thin shiny veiny bags, keep massaging away! I would love to see before and after Emerald pics(the color was sooo pretty, but the leather was kinda eh--I bet the massaging/lubing would produce an amazing color!). Thanks for posting, bridget!
  4. I think you may be right! Maybe the processing / distressing flattens the leather (almost like ironing it???), pressing down that interior part that provides the heft.

    Good job!
  5. I saw a b-bag today at HR that had a similar effect: the front was super distressed and shiny, but the back looked more like the older, thicker, smooth leather. It was really weird, like someone sewed a new bag and an old bag together!