Interesting Site - eBay Scams


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
A Yank in SoCAL
Don't know about the rest of you, but I have recently been receiving a *glut* of scam/spoof emails related to eBay (and/or Paypal).

One of the problems with a Blackberry, is that you have to scroll through so much before you get to the "heart" of the email. Not that I'm not cautious ... I am, but as I have had a number of items up on eBay as of late, I don't really want to even bother with ones that I know are scams.

I got an email ... supposedly from eBay (seller ID: x removed for privacy x) re: Item # ...

Well, it looked suspicious to me, so I decided to do a Google search and 'lo and behold, came upon this site which identifies a bunch of scams - and not just eBay: : last 10 spams

As I looked through these, I saw a lot of other ones (WINNING NOTIFICATION) that I've gotten as of late. Thought it would be a good idea to pass this on to the rest of you; you might also want to let your friends/family know as well (I'm always amazed at how naive some folks can be!).


Jul 27, 2006
You should change your password just to be on the safe side. Especially if they are saying you won something.