Interesting shopaholic article

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  1. That was an interesting article. I find the 6% number hard to believe though. Unless just all 6% of us are here on tpf lol.

    I wonder if they consider being a shopaholic a bad thing for everyone? I certainly exhibit alot of the "signs" they mention, but I do not have any financial problems in my life right now. Maybe I just have a moderate case or something haha.
  2. The first four are me for sure. And I tried to replace shopping with the gym and ended up hiring a personal trainer so that didn't work LOL. ;)
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    "Remove temptation"

    For me, I usually avoid the forum, and it works like a charm. I have abstained for as long as six months to a year from here, and it has been much easier to not be enabled. I am going to try to get to 6000 posts then stop, lol. I am totally on a ban right now. I can't stay on a ban and still post/view TPF!
  4. There is a new show coming out, want to say it is on the Style network about was a handbag addict. Said she would rather buy an LV than have $ex, LOL
  5. Oxygen channel, starts in Oct. Can't wait to watch! They've been torturing me with the ads for it all summer while I have the TV on their Roseanne marathons during the day. :P
  6. Yep, I'm all of them.
  7. This is just wrong. If I get a new handbag I will feel like having sex. Win/win!
  8. Lol! I think I have them all, even the one where I have hid stuff in my daughters closet! So embarrassing...
  9. I'm safe. I get a thrill out of looking, and a thrill out of finding, but I don't have to buy.

    Buying is kind of a pain: you have to bring it home and find a place for it and figure out how and when you are going to use it. I'd rather have the extra space unless it's something that I'll use a lot and enjoy.

    I am contemplating my next bag (a big one) and I have figured out where to store it already. Still haven't pulled the trigger....
  10. This is true! Staying away from this forum keeps me from buying purses. I stayed away from the forum for months earlier this year and didn’t buy a single bag. Only I missed out on hearing about the fuchsia Sophia, so it was a bit of a win-lose.
  11. The irony of it all is the ads on the bottom of the page are for new credit cards. Yeah, that will help curb it. Lol. I can be a shopaholic but on a smaller level. My thrills come from getting the best bargain possible. :biggrin:
  12. I'd say 1, 2 and sometimes 5 apply to me. I don't feel like I have to buy anything. I've passed on many a FOS or PCE if nothing appealed to me. But if I see a bag I love, I have a nearly impossible time saying no. It's causing me no financial hardship as I make a good living, live well within my means, have no kids to spend money on, no car pymt and only have 2 luxuries (vacations & bags)... and this year probably no vacation... so all that money got diverted to bags. (Oops, is that me justifying?)

    Am I a shopaholic?
  13. That could be me, but since I'm shopping at thrift stores primarily, it's really not a problem. My secondhand Coach purchases recently, consisting of five bags plus a briefcase (not to mention a Kate Spade and a Brighton) cost less than even one small new Coach bag. Plus I feel like I'm rescuing them. And, I can stop anytime. That's right, I can stop anytime.
  14. Interesting article. I didn't feel like it marks me as a shopaholic though. I say the real tests are if you don't use what you buy and if you're stretching budgets to justify spending habits. I think everyone here is thoughtful about their purchases and probably aren't shopaholics. :smile: