interesting regarding luxury goods

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  1. That to me was an article about Bottega Veneta and not luxury in general.

  2. well much of it but discussing that it was ranked up with hermes and vera wang as far as recognition and its discussion of recession infuenced shopping.
  3. Interesting read~ Thank you.:flowers:
  4. I like what Tomas Maier has been doing with BV. He is a talented man !
  5. i just thought it was interesting b/c its a very understated brand and they are using it as a selling point considering the economy. I like the brand very much but stylistically it doesnt suit me--kind of organic and hippy
  6. Thankyou! I enjoyed the article!
  7. thanks for posting. also interesting that maier was with hermes.
  8. I enjoyed the article very much! Thanks so much for sharing!
  9. Thanks for sharing, I love articles like these! Very thought provoking.
  10. While I agree 100% with his mindset (I'm one of those who don't eat if I can't get exactly the food I want. =P ), I'm not a big fan of his designs, nor bv. Like others mentioned, it's often too slouchy hippy looking with the leather weave or it comes of as a little old looking. I did like their sky blue colours for men this season, but the models looked terrible on me.

    IT's an interesting article, but all in all BV is still a company that churns out new looks every season just like every other fashion company (now also hermes), the difference is they took away the logos I guess. :shrugs: I think they're blowing this out of proportion, his mindset is one thing and admirable, but he is not the one running the company, these are the thoughts of the person producing the designs just as fast as any similar company. This in a way is also very much marketing to make the buyers feel more connected to the brand, just like chanel uses celebrities (who people can connect with), but it's a different clientele I guess. Sound to me like who be better of as a tailor or bespoke designer, at least it would be much mor ein correspondence with his mindset of perfection no?
  11. I like the phase used "sustainable luxury."

    Thanks so much for sharing Hermesoholic.
  12. I LOVE that he thinks like this, because yes,I loathe that! Very interesting article, thanks!
  13. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!
  14. interesting :smile: thank u