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Beware the BIN Paw
Apr 25, 2007
From a practical standpoint, eBay has taken certain steps. If you've never sold before, you are limited to 1 high end designer item at a time. I'm not sure if there are other limits for seasoned users. And while the obvious fakes are easy to spot, do they really have the resources to screen every single listing? I'm not saying it's perfect but you have to wonder how far they need to go. And if they have to do a lot more, what will it do to listing and other fees?

Just curious, what other steps would you recommend that eBay take?

I'd like to see users suspended if there are more than 3 complaints about fake items, whether sold or merely listed.
Jan 31, 2007
Well I think the situation has improved since this article was written (2006) but for sure it will be a continuous battle.