Interesting purse...

  1. That is beautiful - I think they made purses like that in the 50s - very cool - I bet it's worth something!
  2. Imagine what a pain in the butt it is to carry!
  3. That *is* a really beautiful bag! (kind of looks like a box with handles)
  4. Wow, fancy picnic basket! J/K It's really unique, that's for sure....I'd be afraid of knocking into something and cracking it.
  5. Lucite bags were fairly big in the 40s and 50s. They come in many shapes and sizes clear, colored or translucent. They are highly collectable today. I don't know if they are collected to be used. I think it's more likely to be collected as an art object or decorative object.
  6. ^^^ You summed up what I was going to say quite well. These lucite purses sell for fairly large amounts of money at auction. The one in this auction also has the unique distinction of having it's original packaging included.

    I have always thought they were cute.
  7. Oh darn, the bid ended so I can't see the bag :sad: I believe I've seen bags (boxes? lol) like that before at antique shows. We should all ask our grandmothers if we can raid their closets; you never know what might be in there :idea:

  8. Yes you can just scroll to the bottom of the page.
  9. This handbag reminds me of a dream... it's very dream-like. Thanks for sharing some info on it! I never knew these existed! It's beautiful in itself... as a handbag yeah I would be afraid of banging it into a wall and cracking it if I were back in that time, haha.
  10. It kind of reminds me of a jewelry box with handles. I think its more so for decoration than as a handbag
  11. it looks weird to me :p