Interesting purse article in the Toronto Star

  1. Here is the link: - Money Bags

    And one of our very own TPF members is mentioned. :yahoo:
  2. Great article--thanks.
  3. Very impressive! Very interesting too... unfortunately I don't recognize tPF members.
  4. It's "Stylefly" on here...she has had some good press attention up there in Ca, from what I hear!
  5. Aw shucks:shame: ...It's true, it's me! I took her bag shopping at Holt's, it was so much fun...
    I get some press for my website but now I am being mercilessly teased for my newly-outed bag addiction by people I never would have dreamed read the Star:lol:
  6. ^^^congrats! That's cool!
  7. Heh heh...guess you are busted out to all of Toronto:lol:

  8. Hehe! Sorry I busted you stylefly!
    I couldn't help myself and I knew you probably aren't the type of girl to toot your own horn so I did it for you! :graucho:

    I also noticed you posted a new thread about needing a replacement bag for your Balenciaga addiction! Maybe in response to all that ribbing? I say ignore those naysayers and wear your BB's proudly! But there's always room for additions to your family if you feel like you're in need of a change! :yes:
  9. Your a celeb!! :yahoo:
  10. Nice article!
  11. Great article- thank you for sharing.
  12. Tee hee...thanks for the "out";) ...good thing the hubster and I already share these things or I would be SO :busted

    And thanks for your concern about possibly getting out of Balenciagas- no threat there, I just really want to find a bag that looks different from the same thing I wear every day!
    Thank you all for your comments- I think she did a great job in the article. Also, I am being taunted (in a friendly way, I think) from all angles right now so it's nice to have my support group here!
    I really plugged the PF too, she was fascinated by the idea of a forum where everyone is constantly in a blissed-out shopaholic state, he he he...
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