Interesting price analysis article for hermes bags

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  1. I was browsing and ran into this...., Did not realize that the price of kelly in the auction market increased by 120% in the last six years. Seems to me that the used bags' price increases closely match that of the new bags....the difference in prices due to different colors is interesting too....
  2. Not the most accurate article.
  3. It reads like a sales pitch for them and no, not the most accurate article. I'd hardly call the Lakis or the Flat rare at auction, for one thing. There seemed to be a lot of inaccuracies to me.

  4. True! Do you have access or come across any unbiased report? If so, please do share! I am sure this information is probably available from ebay too! It will be interesting to see, and easier to justify future purchases to DH as they are " potential investments". Heck, may be the report will convince him to get an H for me as a X'mas gift, lol.
  5. Numerical inaccuracies/biases aside - I'm just wondering about the information provided; especially where it says Hermes experimented with many unusual skins including "salmon skin"..

    I know they used elephant and other exotic skins but I just can't imagine how salmon skin can be used to make handbags...
  6. Salmon skin can be used for handbags, I know one artisan who uses it. Burbot, is even better. Back to topic: it would be interesting to see how the prices of H bags, especially Ks and Bs have increased on the second hand market, even comparing to H price increases. I know auction house have good data available online. I have also noticed how popular the K has become in comparison with the B.
  7. Wow, I stand corrected then. Would love to see some salmon skin Hermes bags!

  8. Also toad skin was mentioned. I shiver when picturing that.
  9. If you kiss the toadskin bag, it turns into a croc Birkin ;)

  10. lol:d
  11. Don't ever buy a painting/antique/Hermes bag as a "investment". These are things to be bought and enjoyed for themselves. I would also never buy a bag with resale in mind - either you love it or you don't. Only a tiny number of resellers make big profits and the sell their bags without ever wearing them. Yes, a bag that was a mistake 6 yrs ago and never or seldom worn will Aldo make a profit.

    But buying the bag and carrying it fir a year or so and tiring of it? You will lose money.

  12. Bring me some toad! :biggrin:
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    The "Luxeprice-Index©" was created by the Collectors Square as a marketing tool. It's not an official worldwide financial markets index, they're just making it sound that way. There's a LuxX Index (Luxembourg Stock Exchange) and a Lux General Index, which are indicators of prices according to the International Monetary Fund. Those are legit.

    You can take the "Luxeprice-Index©" with a grain of salt.
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