interesting pre-moto bag

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  1. Here's a curiosity that's been up for a couple of days:

    eBay: BALENCIAGA Brown Suede Hobo Motorcycle Handbag (item 180058101935 end time Dec-07-06 17:29:11 PST)

    It's a pre-motorcycle bag, same design as the Loehmann's bags, butit looks like this is one of the European ones, made for Balenciaga (as opposed to under license) by an Italian workshop, possibly the same manufacturer used for the motorcycle bags before the switch to the GG factory. Has the old BB logo inside, and the shoulder-strap is attached with snaps rather than hooks. Kinda interesting if you're into vintage or fashion history.
  2. Oh wow very interesting! Thanks for sharing LP! Are you going to get it?
  3. Interesting history. I have no idea how to care for suede, but I really like the style and color.
  4. I really like that bag! Love your avatar LP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. YES me too ..... I L:heart: VE your avatar Louisey..... :heart: - GOOOORGEOUS :drool: :yes:
  6. ^^ ditto, can you see the drool?!?! :drool:
  7. ^ thanks, girls - yummy chocolate and caramel... (well, it's tobacco actually, but I think caramel tastes better with chocolate)
  8. This is a great looking bag! Roughly the dimensions of the First. I like this seller, also. She's a real pro, and very friendly.