Interesting Online Exchange

  1. Earlier tonight, my SO and I were talking online and saw each other via webcam. I showed my keyholder and ...

    Me: Can you see this? *shows pink keyholder*
    SO: Uhm, not too clearly. I like the design though ... Wait, is it Hermes?
    Me: *shocked* ... OMG! You KNOW Hermes?!!!
    SO: I like the design, it's very simple and clear-cut. Very understated.
    Me: *at this point, I was doing cartwheels in my head* Yup, it's Hermes!
    SO: How much is it?
    Me: You want to guess?
    SO: Well I dunno:shrugs:
    Me: Just guess! It'll be fun!!!
    SO: Uhm ... couple hundred ...?
    Me: No, more than that.
    SO: I don't know:confused1:
    Me: $720 + tax
    SO: :wtf::wtf:That's ... that's more than my speakers :wtf:
    Me: So I guess I'm going to be one of those wives who have to sneak in the orange boxes, even though I plan on paying for everything myself with my own account from my own earnings:shame:
    SO: Oh boy ...:sweatdrop:

    I think my SO is a PHH in the making ... but damn, he KNOWS Hermes!!! :yahoo: I mean, he even pronounced it correctly!
  2. it's a start
  3. LOL!! well, it's a good start, Kou! :graucho:
  4. haha! enjoyed reading that!
  5. Get him to see things from your point of view. Tell him he has cheap speakers.:roflmfao:
  6. Maybe if you are lucky Kou you can get the bags you really want now and later IF you marry him get a bag once every long while. You really only need a few treasures from Hermes and use them like crazy!
    He knows it is expensive he needs to warm up to the whole thing. No need to keep trying. If he truly loves you somehow he will understand your passion.
  7. Too funny, Kou! :p
  8. And Kou he pronounced it right! That to me is a greatstart to a long and fruitful relationship!! One small step for Man, one giant step for PHHs.
  9. That's great. Cute story.
  10. I think it's a very good start (don't blame him for the price thing, there just isn't a men on earth that could find H prices about average)
  11. you make me laf! my bf is the same way.:yes:
  12. yup i agree.. very good start :smile:
  13. Kou, your SO has great potential!!
  14. You're making progress!
  15. kou you are scaring him already!! hahaa:lol: