Interesting NPR discussion about groups/communities that bring people together....

  1. Yesterday morning while driving about 1 hr. alone to meet dh and kids somewhere (I wanted my car)...I was listening to NPR (on the radio) and there was a great talk with this woman who wrote a book - I think it was called "Who are You People?" -- it was about groups that come together with one thing in common, such as Barbie fans, Mayberry fans, some others that wear animal ears, etc. The whole thing was comical but the point was, in this day and age, although some "Local" communities are dying out, the internet gives access for all of us to find our own "community" for our specific interests....and of course my thoughts went to the Purse Forum and all my new friends here! This past weekend I was also able to meet up with a fellow PF member who I only met a couple of weeks ago, as she was coming nearby with her DH for a business meeting, and we were able to shop together and talk, talk, talk purses! And other things, of course...and as she said, we have this obsession and thought we were kind of alone....but by finding this forum, we KNOW we are not!! It's a great place...and although sometimes I still think myself that my purse obsession is "silly", dh's antique tractors do nothing for me either!!! I'll stick to my purses and the PF:smile: That's all!
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