Interesting night in the ER

  1. So this is what happened...

    DH and I were at the supermarket at about 9pm last night getting groceries and all of a sudden I felt very faint. My face and hands went numb and I was having some heavy palpitations. I'm past 39 weeks pregnant and had been having some problems with low blood pressure around Jan/Feb, but this was much worse than I had ever felt. I was literally fighting to stay concious and DH had to catch me from falling several times as we tried to make it to our car. By this time my vision started to go and I began seeing stars, so we hightailed it to labor and delivery to get checked out.

    Interestingly enough the maternity ward sent me to the ER since I wasn't having contractions and I could still feel the baby move. I was certain that my blood pressure just dropped, so I was not really concerned and went to the ER. They checked me in pretty quickly and when they took my vitals my blood presure was actually 150 over some other absurdly high number. Ususally my upper numbers are in the 110-115 range. They put me in a bed, took some fluids, and continued to monitor my BP, although it stayed high for about 3-4 hours. I continually asked about my BP, but no one seemed too concerned. They all said it was within the normal range. Eventually it did drop to my normal levels, but I was still concerned. Well, my labs came back and while it wasn't good, it was "within acceptable levels." :shrugs:

    So I was wheeled back to Labor and Delivery to have some fetal monitoring before I was discharged. I was given printouts of my labs as well as my 'diagnosis papers' which stated I had peeclapsia(!). I handed these to the head nurse, but again, since I wasn't having conractions she wasn't concerned. I was on the fetal monitor for about 45 minutes and again, the results weren't great, but "acceptable." As I was being discharged I asked if I should be concerned about the diagnosis I was given, to which the nurse replied, "Diagnosis? What diagnosis?." She hadn't even looked at the paperwork I had given her from the ER! Her reccomendation was to "let my midwife know."

    We went home at 4:30am, slept for a few hours and called my midwife during office hours to let her know what had happened. I was intructed to come in to get checked out and make sure my BP was still normal. It was, so I brought up the fact that it hadn't been for quite a while last night. I have had palpitations and skipped beats before I was pregnant and had a full cardiac evaluation, which she reminded me about, so she said she wasn't concerned since "I had already been cleared of any heart problems." Her response to what happened at the ER was that I was "worrying too much" and had elevated my BP. I got the 'women have been having babies for 1,000s of years' speach and was told not to be concerned and just let nature take it's course.

    So... Should I not worry? I picked a midwife vs. a doctor for my pregnancy because I didn't want to make a huge medical issue out of having a baby (to the great surprise of many of my friends and family). I have several doctors as it is, I didn't want one more. I will be having this baby in a hospital, so I know I'll get the care I need if I need it, so I'm trying to shrug this off... On that note, I am now 3cm dialated, 60% effaced, and had my membranes striped this morning.
  2. Oh my goodness, how are you doing mentally? Are you okay, calm?

    I don't have much to say since you've made your decision on how you want your baby to be born and at this point you don't need any more to worry about. So I 'll just send you a lot of positive vibes and wish you all the best. Your life is about to change in wondrous ways and you'll never be the same ever again. You are about to witness a miracle.

    Keep us posted!!!!
  3. they think you have pre-e and they're not worried?
  4. Apparently not, which is what surprised me. Maybe because I'm already due they're just letting nature take it's course. DH's reasoning is that if doctors aren't worried, I shouldn't be either. I just find it incredibly stange that my midwife brushed it of so easily. Plus I find the "you worry too much" reason to be absurd. She basically told me I must have had an anxiety attack, which I think is the dumbest thing ever.
  5. That's the thing... my midwife had already said she didn't want me to go past 41 weeks, so we had plans to induce if it didn't happen soon. I have no desire to 'pick another doctor' since that would be crazy this late into a pregnancy. The "cure" for preeclampsia is giving birth, so it shouldn't be a problem for much longer anyway. All the books I've read make preeclampsia sound horrible, so why was it brushed off like nothing? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  6. I hope you are doing well now. Congrats on having a baby, btw. But do take care of yourself. I am sure you will be fine. Just keep getting your check-ups!!! I'll bet it's so exciting to prepare for a new baby!!!! I can't wait for that to happen someday!!!!
  7. This is the DH here, not the wife you all are used to talking to.

    I wanted to add that it was the oppinion of the maternity dept and our midwife that the ER dept is not used to pregnacy issues, so is quick to diaganose something dramatic "just in case".

    Also, protien screening is done each time we have a checkup (including today) and no red flags have been raised there.

    As we get closer to delivery the waiting is a bit nerve wracking, but I'm sure my wife will do fine.

    Thank you all for the advice and kind thoughts!

    -the "DH"
  8. ^^^ sweet! That's good to know she is doing exciting!!!
  9. congrats
  10. ^^AWW How sweet!!! Hope all is well!
  11. Hmmmmm I dont know alot about peeclapsia but my friend got it at the very end of a difficult pergancy with twins. I dont want to stress you out even more but from what I know (and just cross referenced it is very serious. My friend was not able to see her babies for almost three days after she gave birth because she was in such critical care from the preeclampsia.

    I hope everything turns out for the best. :heart:
  12. Sending good thoughts to you for an uneventful delivery soon.
  13. Hey SeaofYears and SO

    how are you guys doing?? hope the delivery went smoothly and all of you are doing well!
  14. Your story doesn't sound good to me. I hope you are delivered by now.

    1. Term pregnancy+ pre-eclampsia= delivery
    2. Term pregnancy + not-so-good fetal tracing= delivery
    These two PLUS a favorable cervix (ie.already dilated)= delivery.

    You are a ticking time bomb. At the least get a second opinion to clear the issue of pre-eclampsia (I'm wondering how they came to that diagnosis without protein in the urine, and what did the labs exactly show), and that your baby's tracing is NOW fine if it "wasn't so great" before...