"interesting" longchamp auction

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  1. check it out, the height of dishonesty... it's a black bag that looks fake. seller tries to make it look authentic by posting the logo on flap (OF A TAN BAG!! you can see at the top of the photo)

    i asked seller to post photo of black flap. then she did, but it looks like it is from a purple bag, and it's got the new logowith no line. while the black bag and the tan bag have the old logo with a line under it.


    the worst part is some suckers have bid over $100 for it.... :crybaby:sorry to rant, but it makes me sad there are some bad apples in the ebay barrel.
  2. Reported.
    Hopefully more people will join in reporting this fake bag to remove the listing. When that happens, the "winner" will be grateful and you will feel much better.
  3. thanks. there are so many fakes out there, but this one really got under my skin because seller is so deliberately trying to mislead people. this seller already sold one fake!
  4. That first picture has got to be the worst photoshop I have seen in a while!
    And then the photo of the flap from the cream colored bag? Mental!
    I reported it anyway...(I knew there was a reason I kept my own Ebay ID!)
  5. i never belive in photos, first i check the feedback
  6. yes, and if you check her feedback, you'll notice item she most recently sold was ALSO a black Longchamp. And also fake!!!! :cursing:
  7. And since when was black a rare color for Longchamps!
  8. I have reported her too. I really dislike her being so dishonest.
  9. i also reported. keeping my fingers crossed that the bidder doesn't get scammed.
  10. woo the listing no longer exists! good job everybody :smile: x
  11. good work, ladies! last time i looked bidding was $115. for that buyer could have almost bought a brand new (authentic) one!
  12. yup, auction is for black and has same photo of the leather from a TAN bag as last time:

  13. ^^^new auction is down now too. :tup: