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  1. as some of you may remember, I am waiting for the delivery of a 2004 Marron City with dark, yucky handles. :wacko:

    I am preparing for its cleaning and found some interesting links for leathercare i thought I'd share with you. As far as I understand, Balenciaga bags are Aniline Goat skin. The difference bewteen aniline leather (with pigments and a a protective glazing) and semi aniline leather (that leaves the skin much more natural and allows the leather to gain patina and... suck up grease!) i sinteresting. i wonder if all the swatches fall in the same category...

    The least you can say is that there is contradictory information online... I'll have to make a decision. Hopefully without completely destroying my new bag. :shrugs:

    Enjoy the reading! And feel free to post your own links!
    (this ones says aniline leather is not cleanable, only semi-aniline...)
  2. wow, i can't wait to read up on all this stuff, thank you :smile:
  3. Thanks for posting betises! Interesting reading. Seeing how the Bbags seem to absorb oil esp in the handles, maybe they are made of semi aniline leather? Or maybe the newer leathers we've seen is Pure Aniline since we can see natural characteristics in it(or is all the distressing/wrinkling, etc... intentional?) Some bags have that shine/glaze, though, so it could be protected aniline. I don't know what kind they are now. Maybe you could contact Bal and ask them before you try to clean it?
  4. betises- thanks for sharing the links! make sure that whatever you do, you do it slowly and carefully.... and test it somewhere (I usually use the back of the leather tag or extra tassles for this). this is coming from my own personal experience from messing up! :smile:
  5. I found almost has too much information!!

    They have a link to a handbag specialty cleaning service too...
  6. Hi There !

    I just would like to clarify the difference between aniline and semi-aniline. If that is ok?

    Pure aniline does not have a finish or pigments. These are the leathers that absorb grease like crazy. Semi-anilines have partial pigmentation, but are still delicate and do still absorb liquids, but not to the same degree as anilines ( Aniline dyed leathers are a term used for unfinished leathers. Tanneries used to use "aniline dyes" though they do not use them anymore the terminology has remained)

    Glazing is a separate technique, and is basically a top coat. There are a variety of different top coatings used in the industry. Most full anilines do not have any top coating, leaving the leather to be in its most natural state.

    If you are wanting to clean a Balenciaga bag, the same cleaner used to clean a BULGA bag (which use pure aniline leathers with absolutely no finish) is the best option if you do not want darkening, and are interested in having a water repellant added to the cleaning process.
  7. Hi LovinLeather and thanks for the info. Re:aniline. What "cleanser" do you recommend for cleaning Balenciaga bags? TIA
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  9. say, LovinLeather, do you think AG products could be harmful (?) :blink:

    p.s. i wrote to Lovin my Bags & am waiting for a reply!!!
  10. LovinLeather and is this a mere coincidence? The names of the poster and website are similar. Do you have firsthand knowledge of their products, e.g. the cleanser? TIA

  11. ^Thank you Mimi.:flowers:
  12. Thanks SerenitySue. ;)
  13. Layla.. it raised my eyebrows as well, a bit like this.. hmm..:huh: Heheh.
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