Interesting insight on identity theft

  1. whoa..thats some pretty scary stuff :blink:
  2. I get how people can obtain ID information from the article, but how do they actually use it to take your money if they don't have your card? Do they then make duplicate cards with all the information in the magnetic strip? That must be some network. It seems impossible for ordinary people. Woah..
  3. How about buying online? A lot of websites don't ask for more than your card number and expiration date. Did you see the movie Catch Me If You Can? It was amazing the things Frank Abagnale was able to pull off!
  4. Interesting reading, thanks for the link.:blink:

    Just goes to show that absolutely nothing is foolproof...fake passports, fake bags, fake Birth/marriage's all been done before (and is still being done)!:shocked:

    We just have to be so careful with everything nowadays, it's frightening!
  5. Ah yes! I totally forgot about internet shopping!! :Push: Wow, that's sick. Everything's being faked these days. But I still don't get how they can get information from a GAS STATION! What would they use to extract information from those card slots?
  6. Some stations still take your card and swipe it inside the kiosk.
  7. :sad: i always use my debit card.... i guess im gonna start using my credit cards more often