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  1. The DH and I were in Paris for a few days recently, and upon our arrival, which was a Sat, we headed straight for the FSH store. I was not expecting to find anything good on the shelves, considering that by the time we got there, it was pushing 12 noon, and they had been opened since 1030.

    Anyway, to our surprise, there were lots of Kellys on the shelves, together with all the other designs, except Birkins. There was quite a bit of exotic around as well, especially ostrich. While there were no Birkins on display, I saw ladies snapping up Birkins and Kellys in all sizes and colours with seeming ease, and most of them appeared to be tourists, even. The lovely SA who attended us said there is a new policy at FSH to make it easier for walk-ins to obtain coveted Birkins and Kellys, while trimming down their waitlist, such that those who are allowed on the waitlist/order list would have to wait longer. Many ladies were just asking for Birkins/Kellys outright, and getting them!

    Alas, I was mainly interested in exotics, and apart from a 30cm Birkin in cognac ostrich and one in matte havanne nilo croc, the SA was unable to find me any exotic Birkins on the 3 days I visited her. And I could not SO or waitlist for any exotics either. Oh, and I should mention that all lizards and crocodiles they had in stock were matte – apparently matte is going to be the trend for a while.

    We also visited Hermes George V once on a weekday morning, and got a frosty welcome. I asked to see scarves (didn't have what I wanted) and also decided to purchase a breloque charm for bags before moving over to look at bags. There were a number of exotics, but not in the styles or colours I wanted, and when I asked about other items, the answer I got was basically "what you see is what you get". This was completely different from FSH, where they would check the computer to see what they had in stock.

    So for everyone else who is desperate for a Brikin without being too fussy about colour/skin, I highly recommend a trip to FSH :tup:, especially with today's cheap airfares from within Europe and from America. For those in Asia, the savings from buying direct from FSH would easily pay for the return airfare. The SAs there are not as snooty as I imagined nor encountered in other Hermes stores in Europe, and the atmosphere is far friendlier than Hermes George V in Paris. Being Asian, and having lived for a number of years in Europe, I am very sensitive to double standards because of my race, but I did not get any bad vibes at FSH at all.
  2. That is so good to hear. I would like to buy a Birkin someday in the not too distant future(I hope) but have been losing confidence about visiting the stores after some of the stories on here. I shall definitely go there when the time is right . Meanwhile I am practising my french and saving hard.
  3. Lovely post and we all will enjoy reading this. Thank you.
  4. The DH was sent on an Hermes hunt around London a few months ago and came back empty-handed. After our Hermes excursion to FSH, he said he couldn't understand why anyone from the UK would want to buy in the UK, where shops are more expensive and have much smaller collections!
  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and FSH! George V is normally wonderful. Sometimes George V gets surprisingly good stock, because they can't take special orders. They are essentially a small boutique. It is true that what you see is what you get mostly - of course, they have stuff in the back but usually the back goods are already reserved for known clients. Sometimes they have crocs on display! George V has only a staff of around 20. FSH has a staff of around 200. FSH is the mothership and hence the computer checks are necessary, while George V really has limited stock with the occasional "surprise."
  6. Thank you very much for posting!!! For someone coming from America, do the prices work out to be the same as buying here in the U.S. with the 'H' VAT (10%) added back? I would love to plan to buy something there, but not if the prices are more. Does anyone know? TIA
  7. Thanks for sharing this new information!x
  8. Roxanne, what fascinating information.
    Thanks for posting.
  9. It looks like I may be missing the London order dates so maybe I'll hop on the Eurostar and see what's what, thanks for posting this!
  10. Ooh sounds divine! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Thanks for the tips! Time to get to Paris!
  12. Mooks, what are the London order dates?
  13. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it...since I'll be in PARIS in late April.

    Anyone here going to PARIS late April (20th-30th) and want to meet at FSH??

    PM me please! I would love to meet fellow tfers in PARIS and have a fabulous lunch or coffee afterwards.
  14. Not confirmed as yet
  15. Thanks for the info!
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