interesting info on the tulum...

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  1. I spoke to a SA about the tulum and they mentioned it is based on a design by Louis himself in 1892 and it was a bag designed for the royal court..also the SA mentioned it replaced the old LV croissant shape...MJ put is own twist on the tulum but, according to the SA it is taken from LV design himself...I found that so interesting and fascinating so I wanted to share what I learnt...
  2. cool..good to know..thanks for sharing Pug..what size are you thinking on getting?
  3. Interesting! Did you get your new bag yet? :smile:
  4. LVpug... Did you buy one then???:shrugs: :flowers:
  5. yes I returned the red epi soufflot and got the tulum pm...the epi is nice but, not comfy on the shoulder also the straps were sharp and it looked kind of like plastic (sorry anyone offended not intented) when I get an epi it will be handheld with the rolled handles either the speedy or the epi I prefer those still love the epi line just not for a shoulder more mono shoulder bags...this makes 3 mono shoulder bags LH, PH and tulum...and I own the aureilla mm black mc which is a shoulder bag....mono bags are so easy to wear and go with everything I guess that is why they are appealing to more on a ban now.....yipppeee for bans

    p.s. will soon post an update LV family pic with my handbags and accessories

    glad to be on a ban but, do want a vernis bag next the vernis line so elegant
  6. Congrats! :yes:

    Very wise decision...:girlsigh:
  7. oooh... I can't wait till you get an epi alma... You're going to :heart: this hand held... Alma is just as popular as the speedy, just not quite as prevalent which is a good thing...:angel:
  8. Right now I have five fabulous LV bags to work with so I am going to behave myself....will sell off my gucci's bags before I buy anymore LV next my little I am officially banned and okay with it...
  9. You have a beautiful collection of monograms classic and multicolore... I think these bans are awful. Why can't we just appreciate LVs and just make better choices when thinking about a new bag? Think Veronika's phrase make sense "...crowd mentality..." which applies to every aspect.
  10. Cheers to no more ban for you [​IMG]
  11. I do not follow the crowd or trends cannot afford to so, buy timeless classic pieces that are at a price point that I can manage...if I do not feel like I will use it often then I send it what you will use and go leopard or flashy gold for me because I know next season I will hate it...simple and classic....mono canvas is elegant and classic and my black mc is my fun whimsical bag...
  12. You're such a sweetie with a good sense of direction...
  13. So you got the tulum! Congrats! I can't wait to see you modeling it!
  14. Congrats on the Tulum! Can you post pics please?:flowers:
  15. I like this style more than the croissant, but still not one of my favorites...but then again not a fan of the hobo shape in general.:shrugs: I know I am def. in the minority!

    But congrats! and I know you'll enjoy it!