Interesting info on Ottone

  1. Those of you who have Ottone items, unless it's a Cabat, it probably won't be made in that color again. Talking to a Chicago SA today, it came up in conversation. Ottone is a very difficult color to produce so BV will limit it to Cabats and no more wallets, small bags, etc. will be in Ottone. They won't even take special orders for it.

    A few months ago an SA said that Magnolia was a difficult color to produce on leather, so I don't know if we'll see the light pink again anytime soon.
  2. Oh no, I love the Ottone weave but cannot afford the cabat. People should hold onto those precious pieces.
  3. :crybaby:

    Thanks for the info, boxermom!
  4. Thanks boxermom for the heads up. Looks like the Ottone Cabat would be even more in demand. There is this other muted gold this season known as Brass but it doesnt seem to come in many items, have not even seen any wallets in it.
  5. Noooo.... i was hoping, and waiting ..... to get a bag in Ottone - much as I love and appreciate the Cabat, it's just not the style for me at this moment .....

    Hmmm... wonder if they still have the handphone strap that Ms Piggy has.... I should have grabbed that when I saw it in the BV 2 months ago!
  6. I am one who finds ottone fabulous. This is sad news.
  7. Wow. Thanks boxermom for the info.
    Guys, Saks still has the medium/small wallet with the flap!!!
  8. BV in Las Vegas has the small french wallet in Ottone, too.
  9. Don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, imo, the Ottone is best displayed on larger items like Cabat, Sloane, knot clutch, zip around wallet etc. My little phone strap looks kinda lame. :shame:
  10. Oooohhhh, I'd love a sloane in Ottone.....One can only dream.:girlsigh:
  11. ^ Syma, I had the opportunity to view one irl and it is absolutely TDF!! :yes:
  12. SYma, I recall someone had an ottone sloane in the action thread. Very stunning!
  13. (Gasp, heart missed a beat....)..... Thanks nizlaym! Wow, didn't know that model comes in Ottone and tho' I've returned that bag long ago, I still like it very much and my DH has commented that of all the BVs I've shown him, that was the best...... I'm now very tempted to bid for it but I've never tried buying from eBay nor Yahoo before..... how do I start, is it a difficult process, does that seller ships to Singapore???... I hope by the time I learn how to bid, that bag is still around..... but first thing first is probably to get this onto the "Authenticate" thread but from what I can see, it looks authentic.... any comments from anyone?

  14. Very reliable seller. Go for it! He sells loads of authtic bags. He has listed it numerous times so I am sure if you asked him to do a BIN he would agree. I have purchased loads of bags off ebay and if you know what you are doing it is great.