interesting info from my sA

  1. hey guys :smile:

    i went to LV today and was talking to my sa

    she said that they are going to make the ALMA in VERNIS (the new PURPLE) to me exact.

    I dont know if you guys already knew that, but if ya didnt well here it is :smile:
  2. :smile: Thanks for the info!

    I've already seen a fake Vernis Alma in Amerante! Nice to see a real one!
  3. How cool! Wish they'd make a speedy!!
  4. I can't visualize what this would lool like. Nedd to see it IRL to know if I'd like it.
  5. Me too!:girlsigh:

    I'm not a big fan of the Alma though, but I'm looking forward to seeing it
  6. I wonder what it'll look like. I always liked the Alma. Maybe, I'll like this :smile:
  7. It'd be cool, but I'm not sure about the large amount of vachetta on the bottom contrasting with the rest of the bag in vernis...may look a little off...we'll see I guess!
  8. ^Same here!
    But thanks for the info!
  9. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see it IRL.
  10. :cutesy:Thanks for the info
  11. Would be very pretty.....minus the fingerprints !!!
  12. ^^^My thoughts exactly. But what would be really cool is if they put a coloured leather bottom.. I can picture the new violet with dark plum leather bottom and handles.
  13. That would look cool too!

    Maybe a darker leather would be good...but can't think of anything specific that wouldn't make the bag look off... hmmm..
  14. Thanks for the info!!
    I would still really like to see a Vernis speedy made but i can't wait to see the alma!