Interesting Incident @ the Gas Station

  1. Since I'm currently on a diet, I decided to get some Slim Jims for lunch (I do the Atkins diet since I can't live without meat). While waiting in line, a lady walked up and commented on my Kelly watch.

    Lady: OMG! Is that what I think it is?
    Me: ???
    Lady: That ostrich! Isn't that a Hur-mees handcuff?
    Me: Yes it is. (I didn't correct the pronounciation as doing so will be rude)
    Lady: Can I see? *without waiting for me to say anything, she grabbed my wrist* OMG! It's so beautiful. And what's that little thing dangling from it? Is it a watch?
    Me: Thanks. It's a Kelly watch.
    Lady: That must be expensive! How much was it? Do they sell this style at the shop? *keep in mind the gas station cashier was listening in on this*
    Me: I'm sorry, I don't remember. It actually doesn't come in this style, I just match the watch with the bracelet, but there's a boutique at South Coast, I'm sure they still have them there.

    And then my cellphone rang so I made a quick escape.
  2. Your watch does sound beautiful but don't ya just hate it when people just touch your stuff without asking! :P
  3. It scares me when ppl touch my stuff (especially expensive ones) without asking first. Although in this case, the first thing that occurred to me was, "Owwww! Nails!":Push:

    I'll post picture of my ostrich Kelly Dog Bracelet when I have a chance. I just attached the Kelly watch onto it but I may just get a separate ostrich watch strap for that in the future.
  4. Sheesh!! Some people are so rude. Sounds like you handled it well.
  5. Way to go...that was extremely rude of her.
  6. Yes, please. :nuts:
  7. How rude! But at least the lady had an inkling of what your watch is. Everyone seems to think my Kelly watches have something to do with bondage.... :shame: LOL!! Somehow, people fail to recognize that the lock is a watch!
  8. Thank God she didn't snatch it off of your wrist!
  9. hmm..I haven't seen pictures of the watch, but I"m sure it deserved the attention it got!
  10. She was crazy!! I felt like doing that many times but held myself back.
  11. LOL funny things happen at the gas station...your watch sounds beautiful!
  12. Well, people are curious, not to many people are fortunate to be able to actually see bags, watches, scarfs, ex. like we do. Some people can't even afford most off the stuff we buy. So curiosity hits them when they come cross something they could only wish they have.

    I have learned to take a different approch to this, it's okay if someone wants to see something you have. They don't have to touch and you could offer a closer view.

    I don't think she was rude. I think she's a woman and in being so reacted the way most of us would react when seeing something we never seen and lust for.
  13. Well said.
  14. Right on the money BAggaholic! So well said!
  15. ^^ Ditto. The same thing happens when a group of ladies sit down during afternoon tea to admire (read: compare) the size of their diamonds on one another's fingers!