Interesting - I was wondering:

  1. If you like the Veneta style do you also like the Tods - Micky and the Balenciaga Day?

    I seem to end up using these bags the most!!

  2. I love the veneta and I like Tod's as well. I recently retired my Tod's candy. I think they are very practical and elegant bags :heart: I have never tried Balenciaga personally as they are not really my style. I do love them on other people though. I think after BV, I have been too spoiled. Every other bag feels so heavy :p
  3. I do also love those bags. I have a small Tods Mikey and a Balenciaga City. I like both of those bags a lot, but still find myself most drawn to the Veneta. The Veneta is really so light and comfortable that I find it hard to carry other bags.
  4. I recently sold my Tods collection on eBay, including a small brown Mikey bag, but I still love and cherish my Balenciaga day bags I have 3 in Blueberry, Bordeaux and Cafe with Giant Gold Hardware, they are so smooshy and light to carry just like the venetas.
  5. VKD, I think the 3 bags you mentioned are all really easy to wear. It's chic and goes with just about anything.

    I love Tod's (have the Mickey media, Kate media and Charlotte media). The leather and workmanship is magnificent and I appreciate the understated vibe of the bags. Now that I'm into H, I realised how similiar the leathers are being used by the 2 houses.

    Like Mystiletto, I've come to know that Bbags are not my style but I love to see it on others.
  6. I alternate my Veneta with my Balenciaga Work (both black!). Gotta admit though, that with all that I lug around, my Work is my go to bag at about a 60 - 40 ratio. :busted

    Both bags though, are incredibly light, and the leathers are SOOOOO smooshy!
  7. I love B bags but the only one that suits me is the day. I keep trying to collect them in other colours (I only have black) but I get side-tracked by BV. My Tods collection is in retirement at the moment. They are resting but come out of the closet now and again for a little trip.
  8. I used to have a Tods Micky too, I think Tods and BV are similar in the sense that they have superior leather quality while still remaining lightweight, and are therefore super user-friendly.
  9. Balenciaga is one of my first loves (still is really) and I love the Day style best of all. It is so light and easy to carry - just like BV :love:
  10. I also have a black city that I love. I haven't tried Tods, but I seem to gravitate towards the hobo style in a lot of brands (Prada, YSL, Chanel, etc.).