interesting Hermes website

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  1. This was in the back of my Town and country mag this

    I dont know much about these bags at all...just sharing with you all!
  2. I have visited this site before and it is pretty fun to see so many pics in one place...especially if you love Birkins.
  3. Yes, they have gorgeous bags but a big markup!
  4. How big of a markup is it?
  5. Andrea, almost DOUBLE!! EEK!
  6. I think she also used to sell on eBay with the same ID. I am not sure if she still does.
  7. She does. Incredible bags. I'd LOVE to raid her inventory!!:love: :love: :love:
  8. I guess if you really want a bag and can't wait you will dish out the cash. I, personally, would want to see my bag before I lay out that kind of cash. She has to make a living and possibly pay all her sources. The market is wild and there are people out there who pay the price.
  9. Wow, so an Hermes Porsus Birkin is really ~$16k (looking at the Rouge VIF on page 9???) And that black Togo on p. 8 is around ~$7k?


    I was under the impression that Hermes were as expensive as what Createurs de luxe was offering. If Birkins from Hermes are truly ~1/2 the price of Createurs' Birkins, that makes them seem so affordable (relatively). Man, I had better start frequenting the boutique. :smile:
  10. A croc Birkin is around $20K and, yes, the Togo Birkin would be $6.5-$7k
  11. The markup is ridiculous! The prices for used Birkins are the same as what you would pay for a new Birkin from Hermes!! :amazed:
  12. Wow, Greentea, that's awesome. An Hermes seems so much more attainable now...I love the feeling I get when I find out something is much much less expensive than what I was willing to pay for it. :lol:
  13. cool, Andrea!
  14. funny isn't it! i know the feeling!! lot's of useful sales psychology must lie behind that common emotion:hrmm:
  15. Yes she sells on E bay
    and her diamond encrusted croc birkins sell for over 40000 dollars
    and apparantly she arranges to have the diamonds put on them not hermes
    Her prices are highly marked up but then some filthy rich people just dont want the wait