Interesting handbag ranking in HK

  1. I was in HK in Nov & bought a local weekly magazine, Oriental Sunday. They did a ranking report from handbag market, probably from those "Stations" in HK. I assume some of these bags are actually brand new as they are hard to get in HK. This is not an updated list - it's from the week of Nov. 20, 2007. But you know what, 5 out of top 10 were from Chanel...Yeah! & I'm sure you would like to check out the "market" price. Yes, I meant "MARKET" price, just like buying seafood. Hehe! Enjoy!:p

    1) Chanel (Bubble Quilt)
    2) Hermes (Birkin 30cm)
    3) Chanel (Coco Cabas)
    4) LV (Ursula)
    5) BV
    6) Chanel (2.55 Jumbo)
    7) Miu Miu
    8) Chanel (Coco Croco 2.55)
    9) Chanel (Expandable)
    10) Goyard
    s577136317_467423_6843.jpg s577136317_467421_5797.jpg
  2. No. 1) Chanel Brown Bubble Quilt chain bag (New to the list)
    org. HK$26,000
    Market HK$32,800
  3. No. 3) Chanel Dark Brown Coco Cabas (drop from No. 2)
    org. HK$18,000
    Market HK$28,800
  4. No. 6) Chanel Black 2.55 Jumbo bag (drop from No. 3)
    org. HK$26,700
    Market HK$32,800
  5. No. 8) Chanel Pink Coco Croco 2.55 (new to the list)
    org. HK$22,700
    Market HK$28,800
  6. No. 9) Chanel Dark Brown Expandable (drop from No. 3)
    org. HK$22,500
    Market HK$27,800
  7. Also, there accessories are pretty nice too.

    Ring HK$2,500
    Bracelet HK$2,600 each
    s577136317_467422_6145.jpg s577136317_467503_9306.jpg
  8. Ceci thanks so much for sharing all this info:yes:!It's always interesting to see how several high end brands rate in different places! So glad Chanel hits the top!:yahoo:
  9. That is a nice surprise - only because having lived there - I was bombarded with LV's everywhere - reals and fakes and because the mainland Chinese women would come to buy in Hong Kong as they are cheaper and more abundent ...
  10. Wow, I would love to see the updated list, let us know if you pick up another issue, and please post the results. I noticed there are new bags to the list and older ones dropping down or moving up.
  11. Thanks for posting. Whenever I go to HK, I always notice how everybody tries to be as trendy as possible from cell phones to bags. But those prices they posted in that magazine are a little scary. I don't think I will ever do major purchases there.
  12. Wow. Interesting.
  13. This is indeed interesting, Oriental Sunday is a weekly magazine; to be exact, the ranking is done by the consignment/2nd hand shop according to market demand and supply.
  14. Thanks for sharing....very interesting rankin for bag list!
  15. I was in HK in early Nov this year and came across the khaki cabas (large i believe) at one of the milan station stores. It was HK$22 000, equivalent to A$3200/US$ 2822!! That was a pretty insane price :biggrin: