Interesting guy shoe fashion statement

  1. I was in the local art store looking for some goodies when I spotted a guy checking out the paper supplies.

    Nothing unusual about that but what caught my attention was what he was wearing. At first I didn't really notice, but when I did a double take along the aisle I realized that he was wearing what looked to me a lot like ballet flats (a personal passion of mine).

    Being the timid person I am I did not go and attempt to strike up a conversation, I did however take a few snapshots with my camera to record the event.

    Yea or Nae, I don't know, but an interesting event for the day.



  2. Having trouble with the pictures, lets try again


  3. Yea.... going with nay.
  4. Umm, you sure that was a guy? I know the feet are big but, some things should just be left to women's fashion.
  5. Are you sure it wasen't just a dancer wearing ballet SHOES? They do not look like they have a regular sole to me and they do look a lot like ballet shoes/gym sock shoes type of thingie.
    Ballet flaps for boys? Not a good idea IMO.
  6. god nooooo!!!!!! lol
  7. yeah, maybe he's a dancer. that is weird. I sure hope it's not some new trend. Next we'll see guys wearing mini skirts.
  8. Nay for me too. Maybe he just threw these on to run out for a quick errand?
  9. by looking at his pants, i would assume he's a dancer (i used to take ballet.) but still, some things should be left at home!!
  10. big nay... dh wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything that starts with the word ballet! lol
  11. Well, if 'He' was not a Guy then 'She' would probably need to be taking some serious amounts of chemicals, I think I can be pretty much 100% that this was a male of the species. :smile:

    Might well be the case, given
    As for the
    terminology, I love it !!! :heart:

    Having pondered over this since I posted I am (like everyone else) seated on the nay side of the bench (especially since I don't do heels, flats is all I gots) but with one caveat:-

    One less Orange (or maybe day-glo Green if you prefer) pair of crocs or ugly-ass flip flops (both of which have a pronounced physical effect on me) are not polluting my environment.

    And yes, sadly, there is a lot of that about, I'd be unable to take a picture under those circumstances.

  12. :wtf:
  13. big nay!!!
  14. pshhh what's wrong with a guy in a mini skirt? It's hot!

  15. awesome