Interesting grocery store contact...

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  1. lmao...Oh jeez.

    Love your avatar! Tell me...did it stink when you burned it?
  2. Haha funny story. What a rude kooky lady. I like your response and wish I had the skillz to come up with stuff like that on my toes.
  3. Is there a bit of a stigma attached to tattoos in the US? In the UK no one even looks twice at someone with them. My best friend in the US often gets looks at her's and so did my boyfriend, do people think you are a hood or something?? :confused1:

  4. LOL @ hood! I get nothing but good reactions most of the time, this is the first negative one, in 7 months of having a full sleeve on my left arm! I've had tattoos for 10 years now and never really had any negative reactions... thanks goodness my inlaws don't make a big deal out of them LOL i couldn't imagine having this lady as one...
  5. Lol
  6. Good for you and great come back!!
    I live in a small beach community where EVERYONE and their grandmother is tattooed!!
    In fact, if you are not tattooed you are looked at strangely. :nuts:
    Funny how everyone in someway or another displays prejudice and discrimination, but to approach you like that was very brazen of her. :confused1:Go figure...
    OT but your thread just reminded me:idea: of a discussion my husband and I had just last night.
    We were laughing at the thought that when he is in his 70's he would be this old tattooed geezer with a soul patch still cranking up Metallica, Kiss and Iron Maiden.
    Too funny.
    You're avatar is great.:tup:
  7. "scandalous isn't it?"


    Some people. Hmph.
  8. I'd be like mind your own business old timer! :P
  9. LOL !! The nerve on some people!! I'd love to see your tattoos though, a big fan here.
  10. My response would be "I'm not planning on having kids, so I'll never be a grandma with tattoos!"

    (I don't have any and would never get them because my skin gets bad lumpy keloid scars - but I'd defend to the death anyone else's right to have 'em!)
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