Interesting grocery store contact...

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  1. This kept me laughing for quite some time.

    I rode my bike to the store in our lovely 85 degree weather yesterday, anyways, I'm on my way out and I hear a lady behind me say "Miss, excuse me miss...", so I turned around to this older lady (with really bad teeth!) and she looks at me and says "Do you realize you are going to be a grandma with tattoos like that?" I said "Why yes I do, and you know what? I'm already a mother with tattoos like this, scandalous isn't it?" LOL she just huffed and walked away.

    For goodness sakes, it's 2007 and I live in Portland Oregon, everyone is tattooed! Granted I've got one whole arm covered and some on my legs... but geez.
  2. WTF? An absolute stranger stopped you to tell you that?

    Nice comeback! :okay:

    OT, but I've seen your avatar a few times and wanted to ask that an LV on fire? Or is it a fake LV that you set fire to?
  3. bahaha good on you! that old lady must have totally flabbergasted!
    stacmck- think it's a picture of a fake LV an ebay seller set fire to
  4. Good for you! I have tats too & every once in awhile I get the OMG look but no comments, YET!

    What a nervy lady! GEEZ!
  5. WOW! The nerve of her!!
  6. Yeah I just HATED my Speedy so bad I had to burn it... LOL, it's a fake from the Ebay boards, one of the users on there destroyed it with fire and posted it and I got her permission to use it as an avatar :smile:
  7. ^love it!! :smile:
  8. Amazing with all the horrid things in this world and she has to make a nasty remark about a tattoo. Go figure.
  9. Tell me about it!

    The first massage I ever got, the woman lectured me the entire time. First about the tattoos, then about my job.
    I've stopped noticing the stares, but sometimes friends who are out in public with me get uncomfortable by all the people trying *not* to look at me.

    One of my other favorite things is when people run up and touch me. People don't seem to get that tattoos are a visual thing...they'd rather stroke my arm.

    anyway, here are some of them

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  10. Good for you!!! What a FREAK. I would have been very pissed. I live by the rule "do what you like, like what you do"
    If you are happy, that is what life all about. LOVE your ink woman!!
  11. I have yet to have anyone touch mine, except my boss poking at my newly added color asking if it hurt LOL, not sure how I'd handle a stranger fondling my arm...

    It's not like my tattoos are harming anyone, or I'm a worse person for having them. At least I don't have tattoos anywhere that will get droopy when I am a grandma! :roflmfao:
  12. ^ people touch me all the time! I was even stopped while boarding an airplane by a woman who grabbed me.

    I totally agree about the whole not being a bad person thing. Unfortunately, where I live now is such a small town and I such a professional position, I feel like I have to keep them covered all the time.

    Sunshine, if it is indeed my ink you are complementing...thanks!!:tup:
  13. Oh gosh, I get so much **** over tattoos by people! It's freakin' 2007 and some of the top tv shows are about tattoo shops! People just need to live a little.
  14. The scariest thing about that encounter you describe is that woman is probably someone's Mother-in-law (be glad she's not yours) :roflmfao:
  15. that really is a cool avatar!