Interesting experience

  1. yesterday, yes, it was a terrible day to shop. I drove about 30 min to find a parking space in Scottsdale mall. when I went into the LV store, the guard told me that I have to leave my screwed bottle water on the small table near the door, so i left my bottle there. I use about 5 sec to search my SA, but I didn't see her. Then I turn around and ask another SA for help. as my eyes skip the small table, my water was gone. I was soooo surprise. someone took my water, and I already opened the bottle, and it happened in LV store. I feel weird and surprised.:wtf:
  2. :confused1:

    Not trying to be rude, but what's the point of the story?
  3. brrrrr ....... either is thrown away or some1 actually took it, either way ... brrrrr
  4. I just feel weird that someone took my water. there are several other drinks on the table too, I guess that somenone must be very thirsty:idea: . anyway, I saw the new color of vernis, I don't like that red, it looks like "dry blood" red!
  5. Eeeek... Really? I cut myself yesterday and just the thought of blood turns me off completely!!! :s
  6. yep, I was not impressed with that red. it's kind dark red. i think I like my rouge more. :rolleyes:
  7. is the red already out?
  8. the bags are already in the store, and release in Jan.
  9. :back2topic: Water stolen from the LV store :lol:
  10. um...may be other SA think the bottle doesn't look good sitting there?
    so they throw it away?
  11. Dry blood red?! Yikes!
  12. Wow, people are weird !? Who would take opened water !
  13. I think the name represents the color the well. To me, it is a deep rich apple red :love: Doesn't remind me of blood at all :shrugs:
  14. **********the Lv At Scottsdale Is Open Today!?!?!?!?!??!!?***************
  15. Really? I thought all LV's were closed on Christmas day? :shrugs: I wonder if they're busy?