Interesting discoveries on handbag styles

  1. I was reading a thread on Linea Pelle Dylan handbag vs. Piper handbag and one person purchased a bag off Kataphileo and another person suggested trying LunaBoston so I checked out the two sites in regards to their Linea Pelle bags.

    LunaBoston doesn't have nearly as many Linea Pelle bags as Kataphileo but neither site has overlapping bags. I just checked out a couple of sites that sell handbags and it is amazing how different each websites selection of handbags from various designers is so different.
    Example: Luna Boston doesn't have nearly as many Linea Pelle bags as Kataphileo, but none of the bags kataphileo or Luna Boston have are the same in the Linea Pelle category. The same goes for the Cynthia Rowley bags, none of them have overlapping styles for either site. Its amazing how many different handbags each designer can come up with!
    It seems you really can have your favorite designers and have a bag that will not be exactly the same as everyone else's.
    Anyway, those were just my thoughts on this. I expect that all sites will have basically the same bags so I have never checked out other sites to see what they do have and now I guess I should shop around more on different sites when I want a particular designer or even a particular style.