Interesting dilemma... LV Mono to feminine for a man?

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  1. I'm in the search for my first messenger bag from LV. It'll be my first bag purchase. I've realized that I need a bag because I'm tired of stuffing my pockets and dropping my iPad because my hands are too full going to and from work.

    I was showing my boss the Abbesses (I think my favorite of the bags) and she said that was too feminine (because of the Vachetta). Then the husband said, "What are you crazy... LV is a girls brand. If you carry that around people will think you're gay." Another co-worker said that if I slung a mono bag on me then I'd be considered "Metro". My fiancé says that the LV brand is the most gender neutral out of the luxury brands.

    I was sort of off put by what my bosses said because to me LV is not just a woman's brand. Obviously if you spend 5 minutes on LV's site you'll see they cater to both genders.

    So it begs the question, is the Abbessess in mono too feminine for a man? I'm an outdoors kind of guy (shooting guns, triathlon, hunting, etc) also engaged, but I really do love my luxury items too. To me, the LV Mono is iconic. But maybe I'm skewed on how masculine it is.

    Thoughts are appreciated. For the record I did do a search trying to find an answer and didn't have much luck.
  2. Abbesses was a bag from the men collection to start with...

    Personally I prefer the mono+macassar to the mono+vachette for men, but to each his own... Neither bag makes someone "gay." We live in a pretty metrosexual world: one's clothes and accessories do not define who one is sleeping with!
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  3. I know I explained that to them. That's why I'm so puzzled with how they reacted.
  4. I think LV mono is perfect for a man. Some of the coolest, hottest celeberity men carry LV on a daily basis, in all different styles (check out the thread of celebrities and their LV-pics only) and I'm sure if they ever heard a comment about it they wouldn't care. Carry what you want and carry it well!
  5. I think LV Abbessess is gorgeous on a man. It's designed for men, so I don't think it's too feminine. I'm totally for it because I don't think men should carry everything in their pockets or by hand, it's very inconvenient.

    The Abbessess is youthful looking. It allows you to be hands free.

    Another masculine business bag is Porte-Documents Jour. It's my all time favorite and I thought hard and furious before getting it for a male friend. He loves it. It's worth a consideration. :smile::smile::smile:
  6. For over 100 years both the men's and women's line of canvas bags and luggage was limited to the monogram print and unsurprisingly nobody really cared about the owner's sexual orientation because of it. My ex, a police officer almost 7' tall, had a mono Keepall and if someone accused him of being 'gay' or 'metro' because of it you can bet that he would've force-fed them their own kneecaps. Clearly your manager and her husband have issues and insecurities that go deeper and need to be addressed.
    As for the Abbesses, it was originally designed for the men's line and the vachetta doesn't make it any more feminine or masculine, it just makes it more of a pain in the butt when the weather doesn't want to play nice...hence the popularity of the macassar since it's worry-free.

    If you love this bag then that's all that matters and you have the support of the most important people in your life such as your fiancee.
  7. It really is a pain, especially trying to carry a lunch box to work with an iPad on top, your phone, gun, keys, wallet, etc in your pants it weighs you down. Not to mention if you have work with you on top of all of that. I'm tired of dropping my iPad lol

    I'll check out that porte-document. That's a nice looking one!
  8. I really don't care for the most part (I know it's hypocritical to why I made the thread). I know it's a men's bag but apparently others don't. I already am going to have to deal with the "Is it real" comment constantly. I don't want to have to deal the sexuality comments on top of that...LOL.
  9. The more I'm learning about this brand the more I find that they really didn't have a choice until this last 10-15 years when other flavors started coming out.

    The manager did say if that vachetta was painted a darker color it would look more masculine. I told her that part (the luggage strap) rides on my body so people don't even see it. I said so if any guy carries a light tan leather bag, does that make them gay." She said no, of course, then I asked well then why is this different? LOL
  10. The first "men collection" was Cuir Taïga launched in 1993.
  11. The Abbesses is a men's bag. It doesn't look feminine to me in the slightest.

    I don't think it has to do with whether or not the Monogram pattern is too feminine, it's more about how men who carry expensive logo bags are perceived in general. I honestly don't understand why people care, but if someone is going to label you 'gay' for carrying a Louis Vuitton bag it's really their issue.

    If you decide you don't want a Monogram bag, why not go for a Damier Graphite bag? Subtle luxury! I personally wouldn't recommend Epi or Taiga for a bag, I haven't found that they wear as well as canvas.
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  12. +1
  13. I just bought my first mono messenger bag. I got the mono macassar Christopher messenger and I love it. It's a great bag and I never liked mono until I saw the Christopher.
  14. Yea I had thought about the graphite damier but I much rather have a monogram version. Not that I want it to scream "LV" but it's the design I grew up with wanting. I just was unaware of such bias towards a man that wants to carry a luxury bag versus something found at the thrift store. LOL
  15. LOL
    Your boss and her husband are ridiculous... I don't think monogram is feminine. But the design of the bag is what give the image of feel of feminine or masculine.

    If they came up to me told me that comment like that in the streets, you bet I would throw my coffee on their face. :roflmfao: