Interesting detail about early 1990's speedy 25's

  1. While having my speedy 25 authenticated, the issue was raised that the monogram alignment on the bag was not normal.

    I have done some research and discovered that speedys 25s made during the 1990's (early to mid) have this same monogram placement.

    I'm not sure if it is limited to, but it appears these speedy's were made in USA.

    Here are some pics of what I mean -
  2. Here is mine

  3. Interesting tidbit, eh?
  4. Lol Thanks John - I'm learning! :p
  5. Ok, its early and I haven't had enough coffee.. can you explain what is different? I can't tell.
  6. I noticed that issue. It's good to know! crjhht - the LV's on a 25 should be at the top and the bottom but as you can see the LV's are actually in the middle and bottom instead.
  7. ooooooooooh I see! Thanks for explaining it!
  8. oh very interesting. That's nice to know. thanks
  9. ohhhhhh i seee
  10. ggod to know
  11. thanks for this...
  12. interesting! thanks for sharing
  13. Does anyone know when it changed ?

    I have a speedy 25 that has the lv's placed lower on the sides, (Ref first pic's above)... Mine is made in U.S.A date stamp - SD0062, (Have no idea what age my bag is)....

  14. Hey again, if you post here ( someone can help you out with the date :smile: