Interesting day at the grocery store

  1. I was waiting around because they were having trouble ringing something up. (They couldn't find the price.) This guy comes up and he has a Western Union transaction he needs done (he needs to wire money somewhere or someone needs to wire money to him . . . whatever).
    So he's treating the girl at the customer service counter like an idiot because he could tell she's new.

    The girl asks if he would mind if she quickly rang me up because I was waiting for a long time. (I was already at the counter when he came up). The whole time she's ringing me up he's complaining, but he keeps saying, "I don't care, but I was here first and blah blah blah . . . "

    So I'm rearranging stuff in my cart so the thing wouldn't squish anything else I bought and I could hear him saying in my direction something like, "It's not like she's starving, or anything." Okay, he's not exactly Mr. Universe. He had the body shape of Peter Griffin, to tell you the truth. He looked like he had about six chins.

    Whatever. Karma's going to be a ***** for him.

    And I wanted to complain because I was waiting for a long time and she mushed my cupcakes when she was ringing them up, but then I realized if I did, then I'd be no better than him.

    He says it's not like I'm starving . . . well the way he was polished off that sandwich HE'S obviously NOT starving, either! (While he was waiting he was eating this HUGE ham and cheese sub . . . he even picked up and looked at a bag of cookies someone returned. They were returned because they weren't completely cooked in the middle).

    After he left I had to apologize to the poor girl at the counter.
  2. I worked as a cashier in a grocery store when I was in college, and bit*y customers, well.. I have my share of them. I could relate to that poor girl, she's new and she must be panicking a lil bit coz ppl were queing and there were lotsa things to be done. And, that was prolly her 1st WU transaction too, LOL!

    You would be amazed at the range of customers in grocery stores. I have a customer who always brought her own plastic bags with her. It's great that's she's recycling, but it's making it harder and slower for me to put her groceries into the plastic bags, coz all the bags were crimpled and I gotta straighten them up one by one :P

    Another absolutely has to have his can foods perfect. One tiny dent and he wont touch it. There was also an Asian lady who always tried to slip in to the quick lanes all the while she had a shi*load of groceries in her cart. I LOVED to told her off :yes:
  3. My grocery store is Dominion's and their slogan is "We're fresh obsessed." They'll even replace a rotten item with a fresh one.

    But to make sure people don't take advantage, the rules are spelled out. They won't replace the bunch of bananas, just the bad one. Berries don't count. They're too delicate. They even end with "We reserve the right to make the final decision."
  4. What a jerk. It doesn't cost a cent to be kind.
  5. That guy is so rude!!
  6. So true, and most people are not :sad:
  7. Some people just think that they're better than people in the service industry. WRONG! Without them, there'd be no one to direct traffic, ring your stuff up or collect your trash. Karma's a *****. He'll get his.
  8. Ugh, how rude. I would have had to say something to him. But like you said, there's always karma!
  9. omg I can't imagine how that poor girl must have felt
  10. Oh yeah forgot to add, that guy is def A JERK!
  11. He should be ashamed in himself.
  12. hate rude ppl... it's as if they own the place.. sheezee
  13. Yuck! And something about the way you describe his 6 chins and looking at half-cooked cookies makes me wanna hurl.

    Sorry this happened! Yep, Karma with a capital "K" baby.
  14. Here is what happened in Trader Joe's yesterday. There was a blond sorta stocky but it looked good on her, she was pretty, she had an older LV speedy with great patina. She was getting her money and the cashier was chatting with her and the guy behind her, in front of me, says "Do we need to chat all day, can we hurry it up"? This woman stopped, turned her body to face him and said "what did you say"? I was so excited cause I am telling you, she was going to kick his ass! Of course he back peddles and starts trying to make like it was a joke, but she kept on him, facing him down. He knew he was in trouble. She finally left and he kept quiet like a little loser and ran out of the store. It was so great to watch this woman face this bully down!! She rocked.
  15. To be fair he didn't know why the cookies were at the customer service desk. It's not like there was a huge sign on it going, "Warning! Cookies not cooked all the way!"

    Just the fact he was eyeing them after wolfing down a huge ham and cheese sub.