Interesting Conversation.....

  1. I was on MUNI (SF's transit system) and a nice woman (50ish) sat beside me and we struck up a conversation. During our talk, she commented on my Extra Courier stating that she wishes she could find a bag that nice and big to carry with her when she goes on errands.

    I somehow go on this diatribe about the bag's design, Balenciaga and leather...blah blah blah. We have a really nice conversation and she gets off the train.

    Fast forward to today and I see the same woman with a Balenciaga Work on the train. I smile and point to her bag and she kinda shrugs with a smile. She moves closer to me and says "You inspired me to spend money on myself the other day -- so I went to Neiman Marcus and bought myself my FIRST designer purse.....I had a heart attack but I love it. My daughter is having a fit because she thinks I have lost my mind but I told her that if the nice young gay guy can get a beautiful purse, then so can I!"

    I find it funny because (1) she called me young and (2) I convinced a stranger to buy a bag. So I am calling up Balenciaga and asking for a "finders fee" of 3% (joking!)

    In any case, this BBag is so much fun -- I have had more conversations and interesting moments ever while carrying it.....
  2. That's a really nice story.

    I've had conversations where I find out later that they make a real impact on someone, when I didn't even realize it would. It was great that you made the woman feel good enough about herself that she felt she deserved something nice.
  3. That's really cool! I think it is wonderful to have those really "human moments" with people and to know that you have an effect on someone else in a positive way.

    Very cool!!!!
  4. Thats so sweet! I bet she was on cloud 9 walking out of the store with her new bag!

    So hows that piece of s*it coworker of yours doing by the way?
  5. wow what a lovely story! :smile:
  6. LOL -- thanks for asking Donna!

    She is fine from what I can tell -- snippy but fine. After we had our altercation and the annoucement of my promotion went public, she toned her attitude down. I am comfortable with the situation -- I am a live and forget type of guy. She is much more of a grudge holder I believe.....

    She does get in a few digs when she can but since its all out in the open, I am letting her dig her own grave. Everyone notices her tone changes and catty nature with me now -- the VP sent me an IM asking if "she is always that rude" because of her terse nature on the phone. I told him that we have some issues dating back and his response was simple "tell her to get over them cause if I find out she is beign rude simply to get back, I need to have a conversation with HR -- cause I won't allow any of my reports to create a hostile work environment"

    So yeah things are good -- now I am just saving up for my Weekender. I am thinking that won't happen until Thanksgiving or Xmas. I suck at saving!
  7. Neat story Clake! Thanks for sharing!
  8. how cool! I love stories like this!! I think that woman will be happier for it too. everyone deserves a treat now and then!
  9. What a great story...funny how it took seeing a guy with a gorgeous bag to help her feel entitled to treat herself.
  10. what a sweet story clake :love:
    u are too cute :p
  11. Awww that is such a great story. You are so sweet.:yes:
  12. Cool story!! Love it !!!!!
  13. Nice story. I've noticed that I get the most comments on by Bbags than anything else I own.
  14. agree.... unlike lv and chanel. they'll recognize them because of the brand before the style. so the compliment is not 100% legit, they're biased with the logo...
    but with b bags, they are totally legit :yes:
  15. Love that story!