Interesting comment....way to go DH!

  1. So today we stopped by to visit my family. My mother noticed my bleecker duffle and commented on how much she liked it. Then she looked at both my husband and I and said, "hey, isn't this like your third or fourth new Coach in just a few months?" I smiled, told her actually, it was my fourth, but I bought it at the Macy's F&F sale and it was a great deal. Plus, two of the other bags I had bought were at the outlet (2 ali's). One of them was actually purchased for her for christmas, but she liked the black leather belted ergo better than the ali. So, instead of returning the second ali, I kept it b/c it was such a great deal for a beautiful bag. The conversation was all in a good tone, but she looked at my husband and laughed as she said, "you're lucky she makes good money! She would put most people in the poor house with her Coach habit!"

    I didn't like that comment! I work full-time for a large company and go to school for my MBA at night. I'm ALWAYS busy (as is DH who also works full-time and goes to school at night). We don't have kids yet and we treat ourselves. My vice is Coach, his is the Chicago Cubs. We've agreed that we should spoil ourselves sometimes and he's fine with my Coach habit and I'm fine with his Cubs habit (he has season tix). DH immediately turned to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and told my mother, "she's worth it. It makes her happy and she absolutely deserves it."

    Woohoo! Go DH! Normally he's pretty quiet about my shopping. I don't keep any secrets from him, but I wonder if he thinks I'm crazy sometimes. He does benefit from it too, like when I picked up a gorgeous leather portfolio for him a few weeks ago at the outlet. A few of his co-workers complimented him on it. I was just so touched that he stood up for me, especially to my mom. We're super close with her and she didn't mean any harm by it. Still, it was nice to see him come to my defense.

    Funny thing though, my mom makes fun of my habits, but never has a problem raiding my closet to 'borrow' things!

    Sorry for the long post! Just wanted to share!
  2. Ha Ha...this sounds like something my mother would say and let me tell you she has a closet of bags and shoes. I tease her that my sister and I got our shopping gene from her and my grandmother. I say enjoy yourself while you can. I bought quite a few bags myself the last month or two but I think its because I know that the time for me to slow down in the bag department is approaching! Most of mine were during PCE and one one eBay. At least you were smart and got your goodies on sale!!!
  3. You know, I am ashamed to admit that I am 37 (okay, I'm not ashamed about my age!) and I intentionally switch from a new bag to an older one when I know I will see my mother. Nevermind that dh and I have our own home, three children and make a good living; I don't want to feel like I have to justify a new purchase to her! She comes from a background of not buying anything unless it is absolutely necessary, and thinks bags and shoes are frivolous purchases. She always compliments and criticizes at the same time in some backhanded way and I just don't need the aggravation!

    Good for your dh for saying what he did! That must have made you feel great!
  4. That was sooooooo sweet of your hubby!!!! What a NICE GUY!!! and you have GREAT bags!!!! AND wallets!!!! LOL
  5. It must be a "Mom" thing.:heart: I am 46 and I still have to hide my purchases, (not just handbags) from my mom. I never have to hide a purchase from DH , with my mom it's a different story! :wtf:
  6. Thanks everyone!

    handbag*girl - Aren't moms funny? It's not like my mom is a light shopper either! Her addiction to Chico's is way beyond my addition to Coach. I'll have to use that 'shopping gene' comment on my mom!

    HauteMama - We should introduce your mother to my grandparents b/c they seem to have the same mentality when it comes to shopping. My grandfather will not buy things unless he absolutely has to. He even goes so far as to force us to return gift like clothes and shoes because as he puts it "I already have ten shirts, I don't need anymore!" Maybe it's just a generational thing?

    Mommyville - As usual you crack me up! It's funny how we've made some very similar purchases lately. Based on your posts, I would say your DH is the model DH for any coach fanatic! :yes:
  7. Too funny! I think that's what my mom does with my grandparents! I know she hid a new car from them as long as possible before they finally realized it. That even took them months (who realizes that a person has gone from a car to an SUV anyways?). :roflmfao:
  8. He says, "THANK YOU for the nice compliment!!!!!" :yes:
  9. Anytime! :flowers:
  10. Don't feel bad, HauteMama, I am in pretty much the same situation. I get grief from my mom, my grandma and even more so from my coworkers. I also try to be careful around my mom-in-law.

    cc, your DH handled the situation perfectly! He sounds like a real sweetie and you are lucky to have each other!!
  11. That's a good one! My DH hid an airplane from me for months.:yes: He had purchased a cessna and never told me. So we were having a very bad thunderstorm and the airport called and said to me , you better tell your husband to come secure his plane better.
    So I am arguing with the guy, "we don't have an airplane!"
    Little did I know , yes , he did!:wtf: That was 23 years ago and now it's funny:lol:, not so much back then!:hysteric:
  12. An airplane? Now that's the funniest thing I've heard! Next time I walk in with an expensive purchase, I'll have to tell my DH, "well, it's not like I purchased an airplane!" :roflmfao:
  13. Thanks Mokoni! It's hard getting grief from people. Luckily, my MIL doesn't even know what Coach is (and maybe it's better that way!). She doesn't use purses!
  14. I totally feel your pain. My soon to be parents in law always make little comments about my bags. Like this christmas we went to visit my soon to be father in law and he did not even say hello to me before he asked me if my bag was new and how much I spent on it. Its just so annoying.
  15. I agree, it's a "mom" thing. I'm visiting my mom now (came after the holidays) and I was nervous about my new Carly DH got me for Christmas. Thankfully she doesn't know how much it cost (if she did, she'd lose it) but she does know it's expensive to some point. My aunt came over (her sister) and commented and my mom said, "It's a Coach you know."

    I almost feel guilty but I shouldn't. We both work hard and have great jobs and no debt (other than our house payment). WHY I have to justify that to anyone is beyond me tho. LOL!

    I'm already dreading the first day I wear it to work. I was honestly thinking about using an older Coach purse because I just get sick of the comments. I get about 4 Coach purses a year (plus accessories) and the guilt still gets to me.