Interesting comment from Nordstrom Rack associate

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  1. I returned a Coach bag at Nordstrom Rack today that I had purchased and just really didn't love (the quilted fur topped hobo).

    Anyway the sales associate said she wasn't sure she could return it since they stopped allowing returns on designer bags and have a new policy. In the end they happily returned it but she said to watch in the future for bags that have 'pink' tags on them. They are bags that are no longer returnable or exchangeable. She wasn't sure if it would include Coach or not in their designer classification.

    I am totally glad they are paying attention to what has probably been people returning fakes, but it also made me realize that we will really have to stop and think before purchasing. No more buying, trying it on at home and deciding if you love it.

    Not sure if this new policy is at the regular Nordstrom as well.
  2. Wow I haven't heard that yet!!! Maybe it is just at the Rack??? That is LAME if that is the case, they should just train their SA's to be able to spot fakes instead of making real, paying customers suffer :-/
  3. I am pretty sure this is just @ Nordstrom Rack. I actually have seen these pink "no return" tags on many of the higher-end desinger bags they carry - I didn't realize it was a new thing.

    I wonder if they wil decide to include Coach?
  4. i've seen the no return tags on marc jacobs bags at the rack for at least a year
  5. I think it is just a nordstroms rack policy. I have bought some bags from there in the past that say no return and they also write on the receipt no return.
  6. I could be wrong but it could just be older bags that they don't want back in there stores so long after they were out in the full-price store. That way they don't wind up with bags that keep coming back. If that makes sense....
  7. I don't think it just has to do with people returning fake bags. They do not allow returns on any designer items.

    Here's what it says on the back of a receipt I have:

    "All sales are final on Designer and Fine Jewelry items. For all other items, we will gladly accept for return or exchange within 30 days of purchase any merchandise purchased from Nordstrom Rack that has not been worn or altered and is accompanied by its original price tag and sales receipt..."