Interesting chat with FP manager

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  1. I went in today to return my ivory Highrise (since I'm keeping the chalk Duffle and they are too similar in color). I realized I forgot my receipt so I couldn't return it (I could have exchanged it). I told the SA how much I wanted something in Sea Mist and we saw that the Bleecker Daily bag came in that color, but was only available to order by phone. JAX was showing 130 of them left. Since the PCE was over, the SA wouldn't be able to order it for me and apply my PCE, so I thought about it some more and just ordered it myself once I got back to work. I hate to pay full price for a bag, but this one wasn't super expensive and I really want something in this color.

    The interesting part of the chat with the SA was that she said Coach is moving away from doing PCEs. The first step (which I've experienced already) is not allowing PCEs to be used at all if it's past the end date. Not even one day past (or before) PCE. The next step will probably be to just do them a few times a year (maybe quarterly). At some point, they want to do away with them completely. She explained that Coach wants to move away from being a boutique that discounts their bags. I guess the new clientele they're going for doesn't need to buy at discounted prices. I was sad to hear that - I depend on those to make my bag buying affordable and I'm sure others do too.
  2. Interesting...I wonder if the dept stores will still offer discounts on Coach. Macys is great about offering 25% off ALOT! But, if Coach is doing it themselves, they may not allow them either.
  3. They were so annoyed that Macy's was willing to let me order the Highrise at 25/20 when Coach themselves weren't even allowing PCE on that bag.
  4. Phasing out discounts after years of handing them out worked so well for JC Penney. :rolleyes:
  5. Honestly, I doubt that strategy can work, unless they can release popular styles at top-notch quality consistently. And judging by how frequently they're changing their approach, when their quarterly sales go down, I don't think they can pull it off. I certainly know for myself, that either I'm going to stop buying their products all together, or buy them a lot less than when there are discounts.
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    I've wondered how much control Coach has over the department stores offering discounts. Seems like they don't have a lot. Who knows maybe in an attempt to be "exclusive" Coach will stop allowing so many department stores to carry their merchandise which I personally think would be a HUGE mistake but who asked me! :lol:

    Yeah, doesn't seem like that's working well for them, huh? :nogood:.........all I can say is I'm glad I've stocked up on my Legacy items and I'm finding great stuff on eBay for a fraction of the original price.
  7. It will have to be a very slow and gradual stop for it to be effective. I am talking over the course of 3-5 years. If in one year they go from multiple PCEs to no sales at all, there will probably be negative repercussions. However, if its slow, and first it's restrictions on the dates, then, fewer PCEs, then lesser percentage/dollar PCEs, then maybe more limited customer PCE only, then to none, that might be effective.

    You can't go from being Coach to Chanel overnight, but it certainly can be done if they have the right team to put it into place!
  8. What's strange to me is that they seem to be going against their new 'exclusive' approach by having opened up so many different external channels for selling their goods now....Zappos/6pm and some flash sites- Gilt, Ideeli, etc..... in addition to the various Dept. stores that have been selling their products for years....
  9. I for one wont buy at full price im not that bothered I have so many bags now it would have to be a bag I really want a lot.
  10. You should have seen the SAs and Manager's faces when they found out I got the Large Striped Borough for almost half price...

    I wonder if the Zappos etc are avenues to get rid of stock until the "big changes" we've heard about hit in the Fall.
  11. I began buying Coach in 2008, 6 years ago. At that time PCEs were quarterly. It's only been the last few years where they have been monthly, so reducing the number of PCEs would not be that unusual. Unfortunately so many are used to these.
  12. I remember this too. I remember thinking I hope I get a PCE before the bag sells out. Not anymore. Although looks like that will be changing. LOL
  13. I bet their looks were priceless! :lol:
  14. I bet so too!
  15. I too remember when they were quarterly but now there is no rush to use it since you know another will be released very soon. I honestly think they are moving in the right direction.