Interesting changes at BV Holt Renfrew

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  1. :lol::lol::lol:
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  2. My DD is a piggy, so I have an excellent reason to buy one :smile:
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  3. The SA in Seattle told me BV has been selling very well at HR in Vancouver which is odd since I’m in the city every week and the only BV I see is my own reflection in shop windows.
    Okay so I saw a large Campana once in the cafeteria at ikea.

    Has anyone been to the new boutique in Toronto yet? @averagejoe ?
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  4. If you run into me downtown that'll be two.
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  5. No, I haven't, but I was just reading about it today. Here are some pictures from the article:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The article mentioned that BV now has leased concessions at Holts instead of the previous business model where it was Holt Renfrew's own stock, as previously mentioned on this thread. This is good news for selection, but not good news for discounts as the prices are now controlled by BV. This means there will be less heavy discounting which Holts is known to do.
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  6. Wow! That’s a lot of RTW! That’s the most I’ve seen with the exception of the boutique at The Crystals. Not to mention six Cabats on display (that I can see).
    I guess the downside of the leased boutiques is also that you can’t redeem HR rewards or however that works for BV purchases etc. *or whatever the deal is - I haven’t had a Holts card since the early 90s.
    Thanks for the pics and article AJ :flowers:
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  7. All beautiful but the copper lido has my ❤️!!!
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  8. You can still redeem HR rewards?! I thought they cancelled that along with the Icon rewards program. I don't even know if I'm accumulating any points with them at the moment even though I have continued to purchase from them.
  9. Oh Diane! I love your humor!
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  10. That’s a HUGE & gorgeous boutique!
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  11. I was basically told the same thing re: discounts.
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  12. BV might honor discounts from HR
    When I worked for BV if the pier was having an event we would honor it
    Depends in the store manager and her relationship with BV corporate and the host mall or store
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