Interesting changes at BV Holt Renfrew

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  1. I'm totally against exotics but yes, its very gorgeous indeed IRL. Quite stiff compared to the large red one.
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  2. :yes:
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  3. Isn't that the Lido?
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  4. The SA merely called it a Cabat. Would the Lido be made of multiple types of reptile in one bag?
  5. It is the Lido bag, and the 50th anniversary Lido bag is made of Karung for the body and lizard for the handle, and this bag is $17800 in US.
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  6. don't worry, it's beyond our league :lol:
    and it's not Cabat, but Lido (which was sorta substitute for a mini Cabat)
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  7. What makes it a Lido? Just the fact that it’s made from exotics?
  8. nope
    handles are flat vs rolled on Cabat
    and the drop is longer/adjustable (on some models, Diane's e.g.)
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  9. That’s it? Otherwise same bag basically? Does it only come in the one size?
  10. yes, size is one, but i hit 'post' before i finished typing, see my edited post
    Lido's handles are longer/adjustable in most models

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  11. I’m certain that the multi-colored (exotic) tote is a Lido. I was sent a text with a photo from my SA, asking if I was interested in it. (Plus, the straps are clearly Lido straps, not cabat straps.)
    There’s also a gray version that I drooled over last year....
  12. Seems to me most of the ones I’ve seen have been reptile but maybe that’s because they’re the only ones I’ve rememberrd being listed as the Lido. Good info for me, thanks!
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  13. my pleasure! :yw:
  14. Thanks Diane, I’ve been educated by several BVettes on this! :lol:
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  15. Here is the recent photo of the gray Lido that Danah sent me:
    Here is a copper version she sent:
    And this is me, in the Carmel Boutique, trying a gray one on last December.....and, yes, I considered running off with it.....the only thing that stopped me was knowing they wouldn’t let me carry a clutch in prison...:graucho: