Interesting changes at BV Holt Renfrew

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  1. Stopped by Holts (Vancouver) today and chatted with one of the SAs there. BV now leases their spot from Holt Renfrew. This means a much better selection of bags (which was immediately evident by the Cabats on the shelf) and also that apparently they may now be able to order in a bag you see online but not in the store. A bunch of pics to follow...I was told the Cabats come in three sizes, small, medium and large. There was a large on the shelf and a killer medium exotic (three different skins but I didn't get the details, my daughter was waiting for me to go to lunch). The exotic retails for $21K and the large red for around $10K.
    ATTACH=full]4264233[/ATTACH] fullsizeoutput_37d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36d.jpeg fullsizeoutput_37e.jpeg fullsizeoutput_36f.jpeg fullsizeoutput_380.jpeg fullsizeoutput_371.jpeg fullsizeoutput_381.jpeg fullsizeoutput_373.jpeg fullsizeoutput_374.jpeg

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  2. fullsizeoutput_377.jpeg fullsizeoutput_378.jpeg fullsizeoutput_382.jpeg fullsizeoutput_37a.jpeg fullsizeoutput_37b.jpeg fullsizeoutput_383.jpeg IMG_6912.JPG
  3. small Cabat??? :nuts:
    was a Cabat? or Lido?
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  5. I know, she said small, medium and large but I think we need to confirm that.
  6. Its got a very cute curl for a tail!
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  7. i'll have a look, but we don't have a pig in the family (although my DS's room proves the opposite :lol:) and i don't have a reason to get one :biggrin:
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  8. Maybe they’re bringing back the mini?!?!
  9. That looks like a medium Fraise Cabat. It's 7250 or 7500 USD so around 10K Canadian makes sense. Same for the Lido. That one is $17L USD.

    The collection looks nice! I have to comment that the red back pack looks like a happy octopus to me. And the grey bag (image number 8) looks like an owl. :smile:
  10. I asked about the mini and she just looked confused and said no, just small medium and large. I'm a little confused myself.
  11. I completely forgot to mention that the exotic Cabat is a special 50th anniversary edition! Here it is again for reference. fullsizeoutput_377.jpeg
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  12. I find it so adorable!
  13. I didn't dare check the price though for fear of talking myself into buying one :lol:.
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  14. This bag is beyond gorgeous!
  15. I'm trying to stay away from bag charms. They lead into a dangerous slippery slope.
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