Interesting, cause we havent seen the first one.



    TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are hiding another baby secret — less than two months after the birth of baby No. 1, they're already working on baby No. 2!

    The 43-year-old "Mission: Impossible" star and his bride-to-be became parents of daughter Suri on April 18, but Katie can't wait to have another one, insiders say. In fact, they say she may already be pregnant!

    "Tom and Katie are so thrilled with Suri that they want to have a second baby right away," said a source close to the couple. "And they're hoping to announce the news as early as their planned July 4th weekend wedding.

    "Before Suri's birth they talked about having two or three kids — and they don't want to wait."

    In fact, 27-year-old Katie never dreamed she'd take to motherhood so well.

    "Katie was really scared of becoming a mom," an insider divulged. "She didn't know what to expect and she was worried that she'd be overwhelmed by all the responsibilities. But she's loving every minute of being home with Suri. Katie isn't at all concerned with getting back to work."
  2. Second child, huh? Interesting. Wonder if we ever get to see what Suri looks like :hrmm:
  3. wow second child? lets first see number one kate!
  4. No kidding, u would think being proud parents they would have pics already up and about. Hmm kinda wonder if it's another hoax.
  5. I'm begining to wonder. I mean the baby is 2 months old and still no pic's. I'm sure all a hoax since it was all around MI coming out so he needs all that attention.
  6. Good for them...if it makes them happy...I wish them the best!
  7. again?
  8. Best luck to them!
  9. Puke!! :sick: I used to like her but apparently she's been brainwashed. Her parents (who have been known to be weary of this Tom character) must be going nuts!!
  10. I say good for them!! Can't wait to see the first baby...I bet she's just adorable!!
  11. I'm sorry, i'm just so bored of these two.
  12. I have sooo much trouble believing that
  13. no kidding, i want to see suri before i will believe a second child is on the way. it had to be all a joke or else they are waiting for the right baby to come along before showing pics of it.
  14. Wow, fast. But not uncommon. My brother was born just 12.5 months after me.