Interesting Cake Toppers

  1. Hello everyone,

    Wonder if anyone here likes baking? I love working with my hands eg. sewing, baking, making jewelry. And I LOVE making cakes, especially wedding cakes. I made my own wedding cake in January this year (six 12" fruit cakes) and ordered these toppers to be made in my and DH's image.

  2. awww that is so cute and different. I bake but mostly West Indian pastries. I would love to see a pic of your wedding cake.
  3. I have my wedding cake in hard copy but not a soft copy. But here's a cake I made recently for a friend's baby's birthday. I made the flowers and birds from scratch from sugar.

  4. wow. that's awesome detail. beautiful cake.
  5. Gorgeous! I would have eaten most of the decorations before they made it to the cake.
  6. Hey Tammy D you are very talented !! :yes:
  7. Thanks Pradasmeadow, and everyone! I think it's because I've got a lot of spare time and love fiddling around things. I've got another cake but not the photos right now. Will post when I get the chance.

    I wish I could show you my wedding cake though. I pinched a sugar labbie topper (my Summer) to put with "us", and put fresh flowers and pearls around it.
  8. Have you ever thought of getting paid to make cakes professionally ?

    Its seems like there is money to be made here with a talent such as yours.
  9. Oh no, I haven't. I'm really not that good, and it's really just a hobby. I make it as gifts for people because they can't complain that way, haha! I've just started my small business making my own dresses, and I think I'm better at that than this. Thanks so much! If you ever need recipes or anything on cakes, lemme know!
  10. well, you are certainly a woman of many talents!
  11. I clicked on your store link, but which one is yours?
  12. I just pubilshed it, so it takes a while, like 24 hours, it says here. Please check back. I've only got a few things for now because I need DH's help to take more pictures over the weekend on the other things I've made. But I'm taking orders! :biggrin:
  13. Oh my goodness! Your cake is beautiful! My daughter and I love to bake and in particular, decorate cakes mostly for family events and friends. We buy all the goofy wilton tips and accessories and go crazy.... but you are the real deal!
  14. those toppers are so cute!:love:
    you are really really talented, congratulations:biggrin:
  15. not so much a topper, more a whole cake! I was inspired by this one to make a smaller version of it & all my guests love it!