Interesting Bruno Magli Story

  1. Hello,

    I am wondering what you guys know about Bruno Magli shoes. About a year ago, I was cleaning out my grandma's closet and she had so many pairs. Never been worn, Vintage, from the 80's...We happen to wear the same size (5) so I got to keep them all because she can't wear heels anymore. She told me that they were the same brand of shoes that the police were looking for in the 1st OJ Simpson case. How much do you think they are worth?
  2. do a search online at eBay...see if there are any bidders...or, bring some to a well known consignment establishment in your area.
  3. bruno magli is a well known shoe maker.
  4. Bruno Magli is very popular, and has great 300-500 $ shoes. Your grand ma's shoes, can go around 80-100 $ tops, in eBay, but I wouldn't give them away, I would keep them and wear them.