Interesting BBag: Leather/linen Brief

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  1. I picked this up yesterday at my local Balenciaga boutique because it was going at a discount. Since it's slightly unusual, just thought I'd share it.

    It is from the SS2007 collection. Leather trim is cafe, while the linen is black; silver hardware. Photo has been Photoshop'd – leather trim is actually slightly richer brown irl.

  2. I LOVE that bag!!! I want it in the PT!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  3. Congrats on the find! :smile:
  4. Congrats its pretty!
  5. Congrats :yahoo:it is very different.:yes:
  6. wow, looks great!! I love the color combo.
  7. there are 3 on sale at the Barneys in Dallas

    the black canvas/brown trim first for $599
    the linen/white trim first for $599
    the linen/brown part time (i think, or the city) for $899

    somebody get it!
  8. I have this color combination in the First. It's great! And looks great on this bag too.
  9. I think the linen/brown must've been the Work ... I posted a photo of it in another thread (the photos were sent to me by one of the Barney's Dallas SA's).

    Does Barneys Dallas have unusally good SA's compared to other Barneys? Sure seems that way - both myself and Zac dealt with good ones from there today and lightning doesn't usually strike twice...esp. not in a Barney's. ;)

    Roxane - your brief is beautiful! I had never seen that style/combo before!!
  10. yes, the SA at the Dallas Barneys are really helpful... especially the guy who's working at the handbag/balenciaga section... I forgot his name though... very knowledgeable and very very nice.

    I'll try to find out his name tomorrow
  11. ooh its gorgeous!! I love the linen in the darker colours!