Interesting basic H scarf making article --


    I just found this link that gives some basic information on making of an H scarf.

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  2. Thanks tokyogirl!!
  3. Great pics on the article as well! Thanks!
  4. Great article thank you:yes:
  5. Makes me want to go buy another scarf!
  6. With the exception of Swept Away I've actually seen all those pop culture references :p I remember in the DWP book that Miranda Priestly had a closet filled with hundreds of identical white Hermes scarves.
  7. And she buys the entire stock of it when she learns that it is being discontinued. As always, I thought the book was so much better than the movie...
  8. Great Article!
  9. I Liked The Book Better, too!
  10. Thanks for the article! :tup:
  11. Very interesting. Thanks for posting, Toykogirl.

    Another interesting point which some are still wondering:

    The "H" is silent. Hermes is pronounced "ER-mez." Not AIR-may. Not HERM-ease.
  12. Fascinating, thanks!
  13. Interesting article, thanks!

    I want the silk scarf with the large H in pink & white, only new to Hermes so don't know the name :sad: Can anyone tell me please, TIA
  14. Nice.
  15. Thanks for posting the article. I agree...much better book. But, an entertaining movie.