"Interesting" Balenciaga encounter...

  1. yesterday, i was at a downtown studio for a go see and i saw this other model who was carrying a REALLY big balenciaga (or what i thought) bag...so i thought it probably was a weekender. After my go see, I had to use to ladies room and i bumped into that model again, so i figured, it must have been fate since we are 2 balenciaga loving gals...haha..so i said:

    "is that a weekender? its so pretty! it must fit everything"

    her: blank look "huh?"

    "ur bag! its a weekender? i have a work and i always wondered if i should get a weekender to fit my portfolio and other stuff."

    her: blank look again, "what are you talking about?"

    "ur bag! its balenciaga, right????"

    her: "oh no! hahah...try 14th street and 6 ave honey." and she walked out..


    *sigh* i as seriously so annoyed afterwards bc she carried a fake and i have to admit, they are making really good fakes these days...its so disappointing...:yucky:
  2. What a bummer:yucky:
  3. :yucky: :yucky: for the fact that it was a fake, but you need to remember that not everyone is into expensive handbags:shrugs: even if they do have a lot of $$$.

    Some people have never even heard of Balenciaga. She may have just been out for a stroll and saw this big bag on the street corner and liked it without having any clue that it is a knock-off of a designer brand called Balenciaga. You know how the saying goes: "Ignorance is Bliss":shame:
  4. well said and VERY TRUE!! i guess ignorance is bliss...hehehe...
  5. True, not everyone wants to buy an expensive bag, but I think that the annoying part of the encounter was the implied attitude from the statement, "oh no! hahah...try 14th street and 6 ave honey." My interpretation of that comment is "why anyone would purposely spend money on such a bag when it a fake can easily be purchased." Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but she's the one with the problem.
  6. sounds dumb. Was it really that good looking? I've seen those on the street corners in NY (last March) and wow what vinyl plastic fugly looking things they were.

    PS - OMG chuggy that pooch - those eyes - priceless
  7. Balenciaga is so NOT in style in my middle size town - even the knockoffs but when I see a knockoff chloe (once) - lv (ALL the time) I'll usually comment CUTE bag - pretty good quality for a knockoff. WITH absolutely NO judgement in my voice at all. I am complimenting but at the same time letting them know I know (and probably everybody else knows) its a knockoff.

    Once a young girl had a fendi spy and I hadn't seen one IRL yet so I remarked oh and ah and when she opened it - it was FAKE FAKE - Her dad whispered to me "$300.00 on some street corner" - I whispered back - I could tell that.
  8. My sister-in-law is a model, and she's so anti-fake it's not to be believed!

    First, a lot of the fake producers use child labor AND, of course, the fakes rip off the ideas of designers she knows personally and who work very hard to realize their personal visions. She would never betray a designer by carrying a fake, even if it's a designer she doesn't know personally.
  9. There are so many fakes out there its crazy.

    Yesterday after work I was outside with my friend and there was this girl sitting on the bench with a black Twiggy. I looked at it and was like "Oh, look we have the same bag!:yes: " all excited. Then just as I was going in for a closer look (BTW it was dark out) I was like "Oh, I mean, uh, they both have zippers" :push:

    She seemed just as embarassed as I was.
  10. That's classic, SpecialK! :roflmfao:
  11. Umm, there are THREE fake cities at my workplace! THREE. sigh. one fake shiny black , one fake shiny stiff brown and another fake, matte and stiff brown. The girls all love their bags.. they don;t know how to spell or pronounce Balenciaga.
    My motto: never explain, no mention.. I just rotate my different colours whenever I like.
  12. damn...yea thats sad. a lot of girls do carry the fakes though. she must not have been a model thats worked with the biggies before. :yucky:
  13. Why do you feel like you have to say that about these girls? Just because they don't have the 1000 "real" thing?

    Thats just mean and unnecessary. :smash:

  14. she wasn't being mean....? She said herself she doesn't mention anything to them about their fakes. I always think that if you don't have $1000 to spend on a bag, then buy a cute on at target or macys. There is no need to buy counterfeit merchandise. There is NO excuse for buying a counterfeit....unless maybe you got duped on eBay :push:

  15. I agree!! being a fashion lover/purse fanatic, i feel that carrying fakes are defintely acts of BETRAYL to the designers!! its esp bad to carry fakes to go sees bc im sure the casting pp are in the know and can spot fakes much better than i can! and imagine what that can do to one's reputation in the industry!