Interesting article: Would you pay £13,000 for this bag?

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  1. :nogood: NO!
  2. That's a very thought provoking article??
    I think the bag is nice enough but I wouldn't pay £13,000 for it (even if I had the money)!
    I was more interested in the last bit about Anna Wintour etc. not carrying a bag at all!!!! I find that very hard to believe - maybe she's got 'people' to carry her stuff for her.
    I mean, even the Queen carries a handbag!
    The thought of being handbagless makes me feel a bit panicky!!
  3. I would never pay that much for a handbag.
  4. I would drop that kind of bread for A bag, but certainly not that one! yuck

    looks like a movie prop
  5. No. I don't even like it.
  6. Nope I would end up in divorce court.
  7. Nope, it's not really my style.
  8. Nope, I'd rather save from my Birkin. And it's not even pretty, IMO.
  9. I remember reading this when it came out...I can't imagine that anyone would drop that kind of coin on a handbag, although most of our peers can't imagine dropping more than $100 on a bag, either.

    I do think people will get tired of always chasing the 'it' bag, especially when there are so many being introduced and the prices keep going up.

    As for Anna Wintour not carrying a handbag, I'm sure it's because she has an army of minions who 'handle that sort of thing' for her. We mere fashion mortals will have to be content--and happily so--with carrying a bag.

    Just don't expect me to fork over a mortgage payment to do it.
  10. No, I wouldn't.

    In all honesty, I don't "get" paying $10,000+ for a Birkin. I mean, the bags are nice but not *that* nice. It isn't about having the money or not having it, I just feel as though that is beyond my limit. Then again, I'm sure other people think the same thing about the bags I like (Chanel) so it is all relative!
    it's not even beautiful

  12. I don't like that bag - it looks a little too "craft fair." Which is fine for $30, but not for $27,000.

    Other (better) things I could do with $27,000:

    1. pay off ALL of my debt (including my car)
    2. buy a $5,000 Hermes Birkin
    3. buy an LV Manhattan GM
    4. give $5,000 to my brother who wants to buy a house
    5. give $5,000 to charity, if only I could find someone to give me $27,000 :thinking:
  13. ^ I agree!!
  14. no wayyyyyyy