Interesting article re: luxury counterfeit trade

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  1. The January 2007 edition of Harper's Bazaar has a great article about the luxury counterfeit trade in case anyone is interested. It's written by Dana Thomas, who is writing a book about it. Her book will be out in August and the title will be called Deluxe. A great read for anyone who wants to learn more about this situation. I think I'll be buying the book too!
  2. Oh I read it! It was really good, I like it! It even shows a pic of fakes cerises speedy!
  3. I'd like to read it.
  4. I'd like to read it too, maybe i will check it out sometime.
  5. thanks for the heads up= sounds super interesting.
  6. You guys should read it. If you want I can scan it tomorrow!
  7. please scan! :yes:
  8. i'd love to read it too... i will probably pick up a copy